Memrise Release Notes - 13 Dec 2017

We’re working hard to bring the quality of the website up and improve your learning experience.
Today brings another improvement to that has existed in the apps for quite a while: the ‘Next up’ button. While it may not look like much, it’s got a fair bit of engineering behind it. Now, each next session is carefully picked based on what will help you most in your learning journey…

I hear what you’re saying, some people want to have more control over their learning experience. We’ve also made the ‘Other Modes’ selector more straight forward. Instead of all of those buttons, cluttering the bottom of your course cards, now you can find them all in a handy mode selector.

As always, this is a first iteration, and we’ll be improving as we go.


Umm, there appears to be a bug. Not all of my courses are being loaded on the dashboard.

edit: I tried it now with a different browser and clearing cache. Nothing worked.

edit2: Things are now properly working.

edit3: Nevermind, it only works when it wants to.


me too, no courses loaded, just blank/grey buttons and windows
last Chrome version, Internet explorer and Edge.

Edit: sometimes loads, sometimes not, daily goals completly lost; when it loads, it loads quitted courses too.
clicked on Review and had an error and now the review button is blank…


Speed Review is not available from the “Other Modes” screen only if I first select the course and use the original speed review button.
sometimes the more button does not function at all and I have to exit the dashboard home screen and reenter it.
Also I Don’t like the fact that all my courses now say “set a daily goal” when they are already set.
Also the dashboard will only display my first 5 courses.
I am using the latest version of firefox.


I’m experiencing the lagging problem, too (Chrome). I’ve been waiting 6 minutes so far for my 18 Spanish courses to load onto my dashboard. My other subjects (with a fewer number of courses) loaded more quickly.

…still nothing loading for my Spanish courses. Now up to 8 minutes and counting.

Edit: Now 14 minutes and still none of my Spanish courses have loaded!
Edit: Now been waiting 20 minutes and still no Spanish courses!
Edit: Still no Spanish courses loading, when I switch from Finnish (or any other of my subjects). The only way I can get to them is via Profile -> Courses.


This new “improvement” makes no sense at all. Offers for instance turbo for picture-based courses where turbo does not even exist …
Thank goodness I usually use the groups page where this useless feature is absent.


don’t like it. Laggy, takes space and orders me to do “listening skills” even if I don’t want to. Now I have to click on every course title if i want “normal watering” (yes, darn watering, make spaceshiping and nuclear catastrophies-ish amoeba ziggies in some place where people don’t learn earthish stuff)

edit: now one cannot know anymore how many items are waiting for review. Ugly!


So, another improvement nobody asked for, and which is just a big bug (courses do not load at all on the dashboard).

And why, @BeaTrisy, don’t you answer to the 200+ questions and reactions users wrote on the other thread (28th november). Looks like the Memrise team just doesn’t give a **** about anything anymore, just doing what they want and ignoring the users. I’d say this site won’t exist anymore in 2019, latest 2020. So there will be the app, but I don’t think many people will pay for it, because there are many free apps that do the same (“learning” (nothin’) by playing).

The site and the user-made courses were what made Memrise a great learning tool. Now you just ruin it. Faster and faster.

This is really sad.


Do you want an advice about how ultimately improve Memrise? Simply bring back the website as it was in 2015. And never ever think about your “improvements”, just do the servers maintenance only.


and maybe finally get rid of the ghost entry database bug. THAT would be a worthwhile endeavor …


Terrible. Not only that “more” pop-up isn’t closed in firefox, but also I don’t see a number of words to review for a course. Also, you haven’t removed that blasted auto-accept.
With these two releases you converted a pleasant studying with Memrise to complete disaster! You are simply killing the project!


I just began to think that thanks to the script that blocks auto-accept (created by a user), and with ublock to hide the on-screen keyboard, I could be able to have a somehow good learning experience again. That was counting without the Memrise team.
They saw the users managed to fix the last problems, so they had to find something new that would really, really ruin it all. Good job guys, you nailed it.


None of my courses are loading on the dashboard at all! Is this going to be rectified any time soon?


It’s even not possible to load more than 5 courses on the dashboard! It’s an outrage! Have you tested your “improvements”?


None of my courses are loading for me, either - all the dashboard displays is two blank/greyed out fields.

  1. My courses don’t load – the first couple show and then I get a blank, or I see only 2 blank areas.
  2. I can’t see how many words I have to review or how many difficult words I have in each.
  3. I can’t disable all of these features (chatbots, etc) that I’ll never use.

I can’t quite figure it out – the French courses load, the Spanish/German ones won’t. It just “hangs”.

We’re working on a fix that should solve the issue of the dashboard not loading or hanging. I’ll update this thread when the fix is out.


I can load my courses but what im most concerned of are my streaks, I can’t automatically see them and it says that I didn’t finish my streaks today even though I already did it early in the morning. When I tried to get points for today the counter didn’t go up and nothing happened. Can someone please tell me that my 400+ streaks are safe?

The bug has been fixed so I am happy again :slight_smile:


I told Ed, Memrise just do dumb improvements, unnecessary ones. Man, even the beta version was great compared to this.