Memrise Pro Subscription Not Working

(Emilysfitzpatrick) #1

Hi there, on August 1st I was billed for a Memrise Pro annual subscription. Unfortunately, as of today (August 31st) I have had no access to Memrise Pro. I have no access to locked levels and I’m constantly prompted to pay for a Memrise Pro annual subscription. I’ve tried following all the info on the FAQ page and have used the “report a bug” and “contact us” feature numerous times without a response. How can I get access to this feature I paid for? (Ideally, with an additional month added to the subscription given the delay in Memirse’s response to the problem?)

(Baite) #2

@MemriseSupport Pro issue; please see above. Thank you!
@emilysfitzpatrick - In the forum I see support usually responding within 1 or 2 days; it’s weekend now, so that might add an extra day.
From a technical perspective: it is theoretically possible that you had two accounts and that the payment somehow has been made for the other. Have you ever had another Memrise account than the one you are using in the app now? Or another iOS account (I know little of the iPhone but have heard that the users usually create an account that is then connected to the app store which is connected to the billing. Correct?)

(Serenadstevens) #3

Mine also isn’t working, and restoring the purchase doesn’t work, either.

(Igorburbygin) #4

I’ve payed for annual subscription about 8 months ago in iOS application. I haven’t been using the app last 5 months and recently I wanted to get back to it. The app doesn’t see my subscription anymore, “restore purchase” shows error message which says to try once again. I’ve filled bug report (the one on google sheets) several weeks ago but didn’t get any feedback. I followed the guide which suggests uninstalling the app, rebooting and installing app again.
Any help?