MEMRISE Pro-Subscription for DECKS

After initial dissatisfaction with the introduction of DECKS and the planned moving of user created courses, I am quite happy now with DECKS. If the DECKS APP is published everything is fine. Especially I like that the use of DIFFICULT WORDS is possible on DECKS, even without having a subscription.

I think I read somewhere, that the DECKS APP’s offline function can be only used when a MEMRISE-Pro Subscription is purchased.

I spent 95% of my time using my private course, since I like to decide by myself what I learn and in which sequence and features like statistics, audio test or speed test I don’t need.

Are there any more advantages of having the MEMRISE-Pro Subscription for DECKS?

PS: I tried MEMRISE PRO a while ago but didn’t realy see the value of it. It just felt the money is used to keep changing the app and website design :sweat_smile:


Seems like there is not really a reason having a MEMRISE pro-subscription for a DECKS user. I was tempted to take the current offer for a one year plan but now I won’t do it.

Yes, there is still a reason for PRO on Decks:

  • Off-line courses
  • Difficult words

That are two PRO features I use regularly.
Of course if the app is ‘broken’ and PRO features are available anyway, yeah, what is there to say… Free is nice but it doesn’t pay for new features and maintenance.

As for now “Difficult Words” is available on Decks for free and I am using it without having Pro membership.
I think the only feature is the offline mode for the app.

I really appreciate that DECKS is for free. But I don’t get the business model logic of the Memrise team. Mostly Memrise Pro users will sponsor the free use of DECKS.