Memrise Pro should be an one-time payment

For $4.99 USD.
Maybe that will get people to be active in Memrise?

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I don’t agree.

Duolingo is totally free and they are currently struggling to decide what to do - ads, purchases or upgrades. Because of that, Duolingo is highly limited in its courses as the contributers are all volunteers. :neutral_face:

If _Mem_rise was to make pro be a 5 dollar one time cost, then they would probably make less money, meaning that the contributers/developers would have to do other things as well as contributing to _Mem_rise, meaning that the courses would develop slower.


A one time payment isn’t a bad idea however why would they go from from $60 a year to $5 forever?

really??? you think that the site is worthy just 4 bucks? (or you’re just trolling? :confused:)


I’m not trolling. I think Memrise should be $4.99 USD of course for a limited time!

@LanguageLearner743 Memrise should probably be an one-time $4.99 USD payment for a limited time.

Cheaper membership doesn’t help if membership doesn’t offer anything worth using.


I thiught it was $90.00… is that us$ your talking about? Its $90.00 aus then… wow

Well, now they have freemium and ads, which were actually going against where they wanted to go originally…

I was quite active in the Duolingo forums and kinda still are. There were a lot of arguments and discussions about ads, but the people who didn’t want them realised it was for the good of the community, even though 75% of the adds are scams. @WillyTheKid, it is quite sad to see that they had to do this, as they ignored some suggestions, even some of mine (which made more people aware of the trouble Duolingo was in).

Over all, I think that duolingo needs to improve its courses, that was the main reason why I started learning with _Mem_rise.

True, but they could help…

Before Rosetta Stone bought LiveMocha you could earn credit by helping people correct essays… that was awesome. Open to abuse of course, but you could be sure it would only give you credit if the person who you helped 1. had an active account 2. marked your comment “helpful”

On busuu you used to earn discounts on premium just by studying a lot! that was a cool idea, of course it means people who want to buy pro might actually hold off till they get the discount! I’m sure there are ways around that.

I kind of feel odd that I worked for countless hours making quality memrise courses for no money and then… i should then pay to use them… Is that weird? Am I a bad capitalist?
A Youtube type model where creators of quality materials got credit (not cash, I get that memrise can’t afford that) would be good. But they are not community driven anymore. It used to be a huge wiki, that wasn’t practical, but now it’s gone so far from that…


Exactly. You made the point[quote=“fauxtronic, post:9, topic:11608”]
Where do you think the money comes from to pay for the staff, the servers, the office space, the bills, etc.?
I don’t want to see what will happen to _Mem_rise if it becomes a one time payment. They probably won’t be able to sustain all that. As an active Duolingo member also, I know their frustrations and pullbacks. They need money, and I think they might have to close down. :disappointed_relieved:

This won’t do as many people only use Duolingo. I don’t want to see _Mem_rise have similar problems. Once time payment will NOT work

I agree that makers should get some dollars for making lessons.

[quote=“RabbitWho, post:14, topic:11608”]
But they are not community driven anymore.
[/quote] How so??

Like… I don’t get your post…

Signs that they are not community driven:

  1. There doesn’t seem to be any wiki or database sharing anymore between courses, or maybe it is just broken?
  2. Course forums are gone
  3. Community mems are gone
  4. Feedback seems to be ignored
  5. They make changes which are not based on feedback or on the wants of the people using the platform most, but rather based only on financial concerns: cutting costs, raising funds.

Some of those things might be good or they might be bad, but they are not community driven.

Do you really think the duolingo situation is that bad that they might have to close? I thought their test was doing well. I guess they can’t just use that to fund the website, they could have the test without the website. It seems all they’d have to do would be to hire a few teachers from UpWork (I would do it!) to make a level 2 for all the most popular courses and just charge for level 2 but keep everything that is there now free… I mean there are loads of things you can do once you are that popular which will get you money. Right?

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About 1 hour ago, I was just on Duolingo. I believe it is in a critical state, as after the most recent update, me and many others have complained. Honestly I think there should be a voting system. It could be simple like it took you to a page (like a survey) and asked you questions. But as I have said before, they don’t have the money. This means they don’t have the developers or content. If memory serves, their only ways of getting money are ADs and donations. Many other options have been suggested but ignored.

According to PCMag ( Duolingo is ‘good’. How it is in the top ten, I don’t know. Memrise isn’t even on there so I guess it’s weird. I think that makes all the people go to Duolingo, they don’t know the truth. It was the first hit that showed up (second to rosetta stone website which the app costs).

how software/apps get in such tops of pcmag and other similar sites… ahem, a planet knows - or at least people like me, who grew up with the old-fashioned internet, not the smartphone … (for a bit more honest reviews, search for sites at least not selling stuff)

Remember i am new here, this is my second month. I’m still working things out

I chose that site because it was the closest to the top. People are lazy, and usually find the first link that suits their needs. On the iOS app store, it says that ‘Duolingo is apple’s iphone app of the year’. It is rated 4star. Memrise is rated 4.5star. I think why people use Duolingo is becuase the app is ‘better’ than the website, as it is cleaner and the ui is better.

Everybody seems to know about Duolingo, all my students know about it, none of them knew memrise. In fact I’ve been able to recommend Memrise to hundreds of people purely by virtue of the fact that no one had ever heard of it!

I don’t know how Duo did it, but fair play to them! That is marketing!