Memrise pro is not worth it

(Erlend Wilshere Hammersboen) #1

So I have been using memrise for about 2 weeks on Chinese now and I had decent progress. Learning tons of new words, not all that much grammar, but if you combine it with duolingo and some youtube it was quite alright actually. There was a discount after new years to go pro and it was really cheap, so I figured why not. After going pro my learning is stagnating? If you just follow the recommendation lessons its usually just the same stuff over and over and over, and don’t get me started on the grammarbot, its f’ing awful. Think I did the same lesson 10 times before I just insta quit every time it comes up. Obviously I can manually just choose “learn new words” every time, but I thought after going pro there would be some sort of setup choosing the “fastest” way of learning automatically. Anyways my rant is only that paying for Pro was as useless as screaming at the TV when my favorite team loses.
Memrise in itself is a great website.
Memrise pro is just useless.

(Thomas Heiss) #2

With “Memrise Pro” you should now be able to download courses on your mobile apps (IOS or Android) for OFFLINE usage.

Have you tried that? Is it working for you?

Have you checked back with the “Pro learning statistics” on the web portal?
You should get many more detail statistics (e.g highest streak, how you learn and what times, etc.).

(Kana) #3

Hi @ErlendWilshereHammer,

Thank you so much for trying out memrise to learn Chinese! It is always exciting to hear from our new users!
I’m very sorry to hear we so far haven’t lived up to your expectations. Let me have a attempt at changing your mind!

Memrise learning method is heavily based on the method of space-repetition. We believe that repetition is key when it comes to working out our memory muscles, and also that this repetition should be done in the perfect timings so that you will remember just when you are about to forget. The repetitions are spaced out in a way that as long as you answer correctly, the interval until the next test for that same item will be longer than the previous interval. This way, the repetition becomes slightly more challenging every time, and that extra challenge is exactly what strengthens your long term memory. So every repetition, how futile it may feel to you, is helping you never forget what you just learnt.

If the words in early stages are too easy for you, you can always skip the planets and do the later levels. I you click on the planet, you can see what words and phrases you will learn on that level.

Another thing: it is actually quite hidden in the app (our bad!), but there is a way to select what activity you want to do. If you click on the four dotted icon at the bottom left of the screen, you will be able to choose what to do. This might improve your experience a bit better.

What do you think?