Memrise Pro Features for English Course

I really think Memrise needs to create Learn with Locals videos for the English language course. There must be a giant market of foreigners wanting to learn English and Memrise doesn’t provide videos for them.

I purchased a 1-year subscription of Memrise Pro for my mother to learn English and unfortunately, because of the absence of Learn with Locals, Grammarbot, and Chatbots, Memrise Pro is barely superior to the free Duolingo course and I see her swapping out Memrise Pro for free language apps on her phone whenever she wants. She’s not getting the same great language learning features in English from Memrise Pro that I receive for my Japanese course.

I really want Memrise to be ultra successful because it has such a great program, but the lack of content is frustrating especially with the English course being the easiest to provide content for if the developers are English speakers.

Hi @thebigbadgrim93 :slight_smile:

In the FAQ it is written that the English Course (UK) has “Learn with Locals”. But if you added the American English Course, only in courses 1 & 4 (currently).

See the FAQ at:

There is no more FAQ for Grammarbot and Chatbots, so I do not know which courses have this feature, but it was for some selected courses.

Memrise began to release new versions for the courses, and in those courses, instead of these characteristics, are being replaced by Grammar Mode (that is in beta). You can just test the Grammar Mode in the app for now. The web version of Grammar Mode has not yet been released.

Thanks, I saw the web page.

Unfortunately, I just checked the American English 4 course on my mother’s Memrise Pro account (on the Android app) and when I click on Learn with Locals it gives a message that it’s not there. The app is up to date, too.


It would be best if you put the course link or course name, and ask if there is “Learn with Locals” for this course, or if it will be made available.

For example: American English for Spanish (Spain) speakers. In this example, you could ask Rob_paterson, the British English Specialist at Memrise, or Angileptol, the Spanish Language Specialist at Memrise. To “call” someone’s attention, just put the “@” symbol in front of the name, as I did with your name above.