Memrise point glitch(?)

There has been a ridiculous point jump at my school memrise course.
People have had a glitch with their wifi allowing them to get 4 million points upon completion of a regular speed review.
I used to be third in my leaderboard and now I’m 8th in a week which is unfair as these people didn’t do anything to get their points.

I don’t want to seem like a snake or anything but are there commands to delete their points as I worked for a long time to get my points with no cheats.

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and if anyone has commands can they delete their points at this link

the people in 4th, 5th and 8th place are not cheats i promise it is only the others as you can check the weekly/monthly

There is a longer thread from a couple of days ago, Memrise knows about the glitch and they have fixed the problem that causes it. They have been notified that some people still have high point/events on some courses.

ok thanks
but can memrise remove the points?

That’s a question for Memrise. It might be better to follow the conversation on this thread: Mystery points