Memrise needs your opinion!

There is plenty of room under question 17. Is there anything that should be improved on our website?
I left a whole list. Well they asked.


not very well made, the Fragebogen

somehow memrise does not seem to trust Content and Language Integrated Learning (“learning another (content) subject such as physics or geography through the medium of a foreign language and learning a foreign language by studying a content-based subject.”)

on the sheet " How have you been learning a language in the last 12 months?*" reading books in a foreign language is not even available as an option…

Hi @ayshetuba

Perhaps you’d like to look at the ideas we have already come up with:


One of the features I absolute would love to have and am definitely missing right now is the ability to “fork” a course (in other words, edit it with minor changes or branching it with my personal touch.)

I love all the courses people make, but often they’re just slightly incorrect or missing information I would love to learn as well.


One last point of improvement, list the end date of the possible 1 year free membership win :stuck_out_tongue: getting the message that the winner will be notified on november the 2nd on november the 3th :disappointed_relieved:

Why don’t make creators life easier instead of giving them hell ?

@renanpoco - Yes, I’d would like to have an easier life too. If you could just make one change to make your course creating life easier, what would it be?

For me it would be an auto-add audio feature (whether with a bulk-upload or some interface with a 3rd party website (which in turn could be either a auto-download from the 3rd website or a an-auto play from such site every time the audio has to be played).

@aysetuba: thanks for asking feedback. There are a number of lists of feature request on the site (as also DW7 pointed out). That would certainly be a could start. Also, the fact that there are scripts to add functionality to the website available and supported on this forum by some volunteers (like Cooljingle), which are in turn used by quite a number of users tells that such features do fulfil a need - nothing stops Memrise to implement (or even improve) such functionality (like a stop-the-timer feature).


Sure create interfaces alowwing user to import audio from forvo API without any technical backgroung would be awesome. The same applies to auto-associate images related to the words. Since many words in differente courses (official and third-party) are the same would be easy to make a database in which the same images (ranked by users) could be recycle among courses. Our brain is mostly visual so images make memorization process much more efficient.

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The image idea sounds really cool to me. It would require (it seems to me): (1) some extra condition in the Terms and Conditions where creators of mems/images allow their work to be used in other courses (2) a certain search system, for which both the foreign word and the native word could serve as a keyword.

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Sure and this isn’t such a challenge for an average programmer.

Could you help add audio for my course ? i bought the forvo API and installed tampermonkey but i don’t how to make it work. Thanks

Also would be nice if memrise implement a feature that allows users to report mistakes by the creators allowing a fast fix.


There used to be such a thing! There were ‘report’ buttons attached to every single word. If you clicked on them, you would land in the forum for that course and could instantly say what problem you had with something related to the entry.

It was SOOOOO easy to report problems back then! No separate forum, just a direct link from each and every entry in a course to the forum for it.


Why they get rid of that ?

Off topic - you may continue to discuss the audio upload issue here

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It’s done. [Script w/ GUI] Bulk Upload Audio from Forvo for any given language

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Has there been any further response about all this from Memrise ?
Any ideas what you gonna prioritize?