Memrise needs more full sentences

I came to Memrise because of learning with locals, and i find it very helpful, but the courses need more full sentences and phrases. Lately I’m tiring of courses that are almost entirely single vocabulary words. These courses need sentences and phrases.

While this is a legitimate query, I don’t think you have all too much of a chance that Memrise will change their content. The reason being that all their courses follow an almost identical pattern, IOW the courses’ contents is almost identical across all source-target languages I’ve seen.

What you can do though is to look for community created courses that do just that: teach phrases, idioms, figures of speech, etc.; for instance, here’s a search for courses that contain “phrases” (not filtered by target language):

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If this is a deliberate change, it sucks and I want the old way back. Multiple choice is simply not demanding enough. It’s a lousy, lazy and ineffective way to learn to produce language.


I use multiple-choice for the six learning steps.

For classic reviews I turn them OFF and use 100% typing on the web portal on a computer/old Laptop with a hardware keyboard.

You can do the same with Chrome/Firefox browsers and the Tampermonkey / Violentmonkey addons/extensions:

You just need to use Cooljingle’s userscript on the web portal (full desktop mode):