Memrise loading really really slowly today!

(Amanda Norrsken) #1

Anybody else having this problem? Other sites are loading fine, so it doesn’t seem to be my internet connection that is the problem.

(Thomas Heiss) #2

Actually Memrise is fine but Duolingo is not really working, including discussions.

Maybe a German/Europe -> US thing?

UPDATE: I have checked yesterday and read that multiple users have Internet and TV issues with the German Vodafone provider for several days.

Mondly, Memrise (UK), Lingvist & Co. works from Germany.
Also I can access Memrise community forum where I just get a blank page with Duolingo discussions.

(Amanda Norrsken) #3

It was just a temporary thing, fortunately! memrise is now back to its usual speed for me!

(Mthierst) #4

some parts are still painfully slow atm, especially the screen refresh after wrongly answering a revision question which does not have a mem attached, it feels like it’s searching for that/a mem forever. it really breaks the flow of the revision session…