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FAO memrise ,
I am studying Horticulture, and I use this website to learn plant botanical names.
Whilst doing my level on grasses, Only one option would be a grass, and the others would be from other parts of the course.
This is making leaerning the differnt grasses extremely difficult, and same goes for the other plants.

What I was hoping to ask was whether there is a way memrise could set the random selection of multiple choice answers as a selection that has been taken from the level that person is currently on.

I am attattching a link to my course with the post. Attempt level 9 and you will se the problem that I wish to be solved.

:clubs: Alex :clubs:

Is there any way of fixing this problem?

I thought that if you select a course level first and do testing then the words are picked up from that selected section.

Hi @Alexander_Savidge13,

I think MemRise chooses dummy answers from those available in a column.

Also, if like me, the course is built up level at a time, then the choice increases.

If the first level is too small (I have seen some with just three items) then one gets duplicate alternative!

The solution to limiting the choice to within a level is (I think) to create a new column for every new level - and not having too small a level.

This has worked well for me.


I am supporting several plant courses that may work better [as on some, the whole course is often on just one type of plant (eg conifers, grasses, cut flowers etc)] - but no guarantee.

Ok, Thank you

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Are these courses any use?

These courses are actually perfect for the level three city and guilds course that I am doing. Thank you very much. Let me know if you find any on the Health and safety at work topic and RIDDOR legislations etc.
If you could let me know just whether there is any for fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, I would be much grateful


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These courses are actually perfect for the level three city and guilds course that I am doing.

I’m pleased they are suitable.

I am just a user like you - although I’ve been around for over 7 years!

The best thing is to go to the web, do a search in “The Natural World” then “Plants, trees and fruits” category.


and keeping clicking “More” at the bottom.

I tried a search using key words eg “herbicides” also “City” and “Guilds” as key words but no course were found.

But here is one search that worked

Then read the long course description and look at the levels.

Start the course, then it will appear on the App as well.

Any description with “Supported by DW7” will have a Forum where you can point out any issues.

Have fun looking and learning!