Memrise Lag

I logged into Memrise this morning and it said that my goals were completed, even though usually when I log in at this time my goals weren’t completed yet.

Has anyone experienced the same issue and can anyone help?

Same here. On the website and on the old version of the app (that I refuse to update bc the new one is ugly AF) all goals are completed, on the new version of the app (different phone) no complete goals and all streaks are zeroed. The heck, Memrise???

@KyrgyzPro @erlenwein

There was a completed streaks bug some months ago. If you still have an outdated app with this bug, you can update your app or install a more recent version.

it’s on the website, too. can’t see how reinstalling the (ugly af) app is going to help here.

I don’t use the app though, I do Memrise on PC using the website.

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