Memrise Italian 1 (New Version) All Levels Complete But Words Left To Be Learned

I’ve worked through the new Memrise Italian 1 Module and completed all 19 levels. However, the summary at the top says only “479 / 495 words learned”. Where are the 16 words I haven’t learned yet? I completed most of the levels on the web version, but used the app to complete the grammer levels.

There used to be a bug, but it had been fixed a while ago. Obviously this doesn’t apply to all courses, so I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @JBorrego, hopefully they’ll be able to assist.


Thank you, @Olaf.Rabbachin!

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PS: There seems to be a similar problem with the new Italian 2 Module (all lessons show complete but the module total shows “462 / 468 words learned”). @MemriseSupport and @JBorrego

Thanks for raising this. We will look into it.

Apologies for the inconvenience, this is a recurring issue. Hopefully we can get it sorted once and for all


Hi @Cianfrusaglie,

We’ve looked into this and it seems like this is caused by some inconsistencies with Grammar levels.

We’ve now made some amendments on your profile, so the count is now showing correctly. :slight_smile:

To fix this (and the related error message) on any other courses, please see below:

I hope this helps for now.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


@MemriseSupport and @JBorrego: Thanks for looking into this (and fixing it)!

@MemriseSupport and @JBorrego

I checked this level to see if it’s fixed, but I still see the same discrepancy. It looks like you “ignored” the two grammar levels for me in an attempt to fix this, right? (That’s what the instructions you provided appear to suggest as the solution.) But even though all other levels are checked as complete, the work total at the top still shows just 479 / 495 complete.

Hi @Cianfrusaglie, sorry about that. One of the Grammar levels in Italian 1 and 2 wasn’t ignored. I’ve now ignored that for you and it’s showing the correct count.

Can you check that on your side please?

In any case, please rest assured that we’ve raised this issue to the relevant team, who will be investigating further.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Hello @MemriseSupport,

Memrise Italian 1 now shows all words complete. Yay! However, there still seems to be something “stuck” in Italian 2:

It appears that all the grammar levels are ignored and all the others are checked as complete, but it still shows only “462 / 468 learned”. Could you check into this please?




Courses may contain any number of individual levels from one upwards .

Yes, but with all levels complete (each has a check mark) and the grammar lessons ignored (since they’re only accessible from the app, not from the web interface), the course should show as complete, but it shows as “462 / 468 words learned”. I’m trying to figure out where the 6 words yet to be learned are located.

Also, since my previous post, Memrise 1 has reverted back to being incomplete (“479 / 495 words learned”) even though all levels are complete (grammar levels are ignored, as above, for the same reason). So I can’t “find” the 16 words Memrise claims I still have to learn before the course is considered complete.

@MemriseSupport @JBorrego