Memrise is treating us like crap

In addition to not helping and not implement any of our claims for improvements for the creator tools, in addition to making everything difficult for the creators, in addition to making a fortune at the expense of our free volunteer hours, now they release that unfortunate advertisement spitting in our face and treating us like crap. Instead of adding tools to make life easier, they take away the existing tools to make it even harder. I hope some investor can see in this clownery an opportunity to build a beautiful, thriving business by rewarding content creators who have hundreds of premium subscribers and equipping them with better tools, rather than treating them as disposable trash .


Well, just give bad reviews and stop subscribing to the app.

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On the title: Well yes, that is their modus operandi.

On the suggestion: You got the money, I got the codes? Let’s do it, lol : )

@Lodrogyaltsen3 – that works too.


Do you know some good alternative ?

I know some bad alternatives. Don’t advise them.

Don’t worry. The community’ll probably make something – they’re pretty fired up.

Personally I’ll be moving to Anki. I know the fact that editing in Anki seems complicated, but trust me, today I used it for my first time and it’s not that hard. Most settings are optimised by default. All you need to know is how to make the cards and how to get some add-ons to make it look more fancy.

Also, I don’t want to jinx it, but from the looks of it Anki has a more clear-cut system than Memrise (which helps you learn faster). Whereas Memrise is either you know the word or you don’t, Anki is “you repeat it” , “you learned it”, “you know it well”. Also, I believe there are add-ons that can make Anki behave more or less like Memrise, prompting you to type the answer and whatnot.

Personally, I see this whole Decks debacle as an opportunity to grow and try new things that I wasn’t willing to do at first.


I see a fantastic business model unfolding before my eyes that yes, value community-driven content and actually elevates it to the forefront WHILE making money. I’m intrigued, and looking at possibly creating an alternative.

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When companies get big they become greedy and start forcing changes to users.


is anki as quick as memrise with scripts? is it for spaced recognition?

can you use it offline? has info.

The apps, you can.

Think of Anki as the the most professional place to go for SRS. However, it’s very far from being user-friendly for beginners and a lot (including myself) don’t like it for it. When I use a platform, I wanna open it up, do my reviews and that’s it. I don’t wanna try to figure out how everything is done before I do it myself.

Does it work exactly as memrise with spaced recognition?

As mentioned by @jprspereira , Anki requires a bit to get used to, however people tend to blow that out of proportions, that’s what prompted me to choose Memrise in the 1st place. But once you get the hang of it, it’s just as if not even more efficient than Memrise.

To answer your other questions, yes, you can use it offline with no problem. Just remember to sync your content regularly. It also uses spaced repetition but in a more elaborate way. Apart from normal cards, you can do reverse cards, audio only tests and so on. You can also review by tags or fields, which is especially helpful if you’re learning Japanese (like me) and want to review only how a word is written instead of the word itself.

Also, you can make it almost exactly as Memrise if you add some user-created add-ons.

Also interested in making a new platform – have been for a while, really, just never took the plunge to feel people out for it (I had been in process of making a bot for a planned Memrise-oriented Discord server… but if there’s going to be no community left at this rate, don’t see much point in that anymore. Shame, it’s been an interesting challenge to put together (the bot, I mean – server’s a piece of p*ss)).

As you’re new to the forum, I can’t say I know you or what you’re good at, but I’m available via PM – also interested in doing something like this and have heard about some projects, but options open and all… I hate my present job, I love learning, have a strange variety of skills (though no expert in anything particular – like I said, I just love to learn… to the point I have the basics of a lot of things (some more bizarre than others, lol)) and a decent amount of free time for the right project.

(Just don’t make me math. I can no do the math : )

The user created add ons are only for the desktop app?

I can only use it at work on the browser.

As far as I know, yes. Though the changes you make to your cards on the desktop app using those add-ons should carry on to the browser version. It’s just that you can’t customise the layout that much.

Ok, so I tested some add-ons and luckily the ones that modify your decks are working perfectly. All you do on the desktop app you can pretty much do on the browser and on mobile as well. The only slight inconvenience is that the browser version looks a bit more ugly in my opinion, that’s all.

What Anki add-ons can offer similar queries to Memrise?