Memrise is not free anymore?

There are several threads on this forum stating that the courses created by Memrise are now available for pro users only.
For the moment, I am a pro user so I cannot easily prove or disprove it for myself.
So, is it official? are Memrise-created courses not free anymore? Does one have to pay money to learn new words and review them?

Or is it only a rumor, a bug, an A/B test for some new users, whatever?

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I would doubt it…

it concerns only the android app and might be a bug :slight_smile:

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Memrise wrote this on their twitter as a reply to a locked level


I like this “it seems to be”, nice turn of phrase.

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heu what is a pro learning mode level? when all above level 1 are locked, where are the “rest of levels” is this a joke?

Moved to Android Bugs.

I am able to select the Memrise created courses for free. Nope. :grinning:

edit: i’m sorry for the confusion but I’m on the Web

Glad to hear that :slight_smile:
Have you checked out if you can get past the first level?

Well, I could for about 4 to 5 days and after those 4 to 5 days I can not even enter the levels I had access to before without paying.
I say it’s a thing for newer users. I started using Memrise about a little bit under 2 weeks ago and while the user created courses work fine, the Memrise created course I started (Japanese 1), doesn’t let me load anything except for the first level and the chat test level.

I can still review stuff from the other levels I have played and I can still access it on the website, but on the android app, it is locked with a red lock (even though I could access them before).

My sister uses the app for at least a year and for her everything works fine.

I have tried it on different devices, logged in and out of the app and reinstalled the app and nothing works to fix it. The fact that Memrise itself doesn’t even know this is going on although there are plenty of threads here, on reddit and plenty of people commenting on their android app about this boggles my mind.

They clearly are up to something and I would not be surprised if they are going to shut down the user created courses, just like they did with the user created mems. I think being nominated for app of the year went to their head (or they are in big financial troubles and they are desperately trying to get out of it (with the wrong moves)).

They fixed the mems (thank you very much for that). Hopefully they can fix this bug too.


It looks like I’m on level 4 of Spanish 1. So, yes I’ve gotten past the first level :slight_smile:

edit: I’m on the web version

Okay that’s interesting. FYI I’m on the web, not sure if this is just about Android but anyway I have only been on for 3 days, so hopefully it doesn’t disappear or what you were saying happened.

The web version works fine, so you should be ok. It’s the android app which has the problem. It seems the iOS app works fine as well, but I don’t have an iOS device to test this on.

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Oh okay sorry for the confusion, I think I misunderstood the topic. oh well, see you around.

P.S. Kind of an awkward mistake for my first post here, but you guys are nice so oh well :sunglasses:

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You didn’t do anything wrong imo. I am glad it works fine for you :slight_smile:.

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okay cool :relaxed:

I’m fairly sure official Memrise courses are now paywalled after the first few levels on the Android app. I’d say they’re testing it in the Android app before bringing it to other platforms.

I suppose it probably cost a bit to make all the video for “meeting the natives” so that could be why. The Memrise official courses seem to be good quality but they don’t really seem to go much further than beginner level.


Ok, but then there will be no significant benefit for them, even if they win the “best 2017 app on android store” award. People will download the app, learn 8 words, see the paywall and delete the app.

It can possibly work if they change the price of admission, but even then. Most people are not going to want to pay for something they can on other apps for free. I know the mems are a big thing and they do help, but you don’t know this after only being able to learn 8 words.

I am also not sure they are allowed to keep “free” on their store page is that’s the case, but maybe I am wrong in that. Imo if they do change it to a paywall for everything except for the first 8 words, they are shooting themselves in the foot, but we will see.

Bad time for me to try t start learning Japanese I guess. That said, I am not that invested and it will still be quite easy to switch to something else at this point (although I do want to keep using memrise, but it’s their choice).

They possibly have a chance if they leave the user-created courses, but I suspect they are planning on removing them as well. I hope I am wrong.

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8 words seems pretty low. Maybe they’re just testing it out?

Start on community created Japanese courses, as they’re a bit better I think.

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I already did, and they work fine, but I want to finish that official one as well. Because It annoys me as I already started it in the first few days I created my account and used the app, and because it says on their own webpage it should be free.

I was able to go to level 5 before I got locked out of it.
I now can only do level 1, which are 14 words (I thought 8, but that seems still not enough) of the Official Japanese 1 course.

I can still review everything up to level 5 (and even further as I did some extra stuff on the website), but I can’t “enter” the other levels anymore except for 1 (and 2, which is the demo for the chat thingy).

It’s like the screenshot in this post:

except for me, level 2 is open as well. Although the text did somewhat change.
My level 1 is Sounds of the Natives: Hiragana and my level 2 is called Introduction (and 3 is launchpad, which is locked).

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