Memrise is dead. Let's get together and build an alternative


(Tmilo) #164

I’ve often thought about doing this.
I’d like to see some community features and ways to improve courses that make it more like github or bitbucket. That is, the ability to fork a course (make a custom copy) and then make improvements to it before submitting it back to the original author. Then the course author can decide whether to integrate those changes or not.

Also I’d like to see some way to rate a course. There was recently a particular book I was following and wanted a course to go along with it. The most popular (with 100s+ of users) course had lots of errors. But I think people kept joining it because it looked popular. But there were other courses for the same words without the errors but few users. There was no way other than number of users to tell which courses were the better ones.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #165

any news on this? can anyone make a … Kostenvoranschlag - estimation of costs for a site holding some let’s say 1000 learners in the old memrise system? I am curious about maintenance costs… I am thinking about a closed system; not something going public, but something kept/paid by those 1000 learners themselves and for themselves

(Evgenia Karunus) #166

Cost would be virtually nothing, maybe $6/month for a server, that’s not the issue. Memrise is not opensourced [as far as I know].

(Overlord Hydroptère) #167

internet is replete with SRS + flashcard systems. No one has to copy memrise, but to make something similar to the old memrise - with mems, sound files, fora, etc - something lean design for grown ups

as about maintenance, is not only the server (for ex the databases need some IT person to take care of (but that I know much one would have to pay) Companies have knowledge databases etc, but some have more than such a thing, they have (costly) closed systems for “Weiterbildung”…

(Mikatu) #168

Well, other systems don’t seem to offer what Memrise offers. To me that is basically the ability to use huge databases.
The SRS doesn’t need to be the one from memrise, since it is not very good IMO. It should be able to recognize when you know something already, instead of appearing constantly leading to huge lists to be reviewed.

For example, Quizlet is already good but lacks a SRS.
Anki is already good, and quite popular, but something is missing there (for some reason I dislike it, maybe because I am so used to Memrise’s interface).

We don’t neet a dedicated IT person, since that could be done by some of the users.
Even if they want to receive some money it could come out of the monthly contribution of all users.
If we were able to get things organized I strongly believe we could so something like this.
Nice idea @Hydroptere

(Overlord Hydroptère) #169

well, I was thinking about building a closed/not public system with courses made by users. It does need IT personal, sorry staff, if one wants clean databases, mems with images and etc, fora/reporting mistakes, audio etc. It is not as easy as “we” think…

(Tmilo) #170

Why would you want it to be closed? How would be the users?

The system I envision would be far MORE open than the current system.

(Not My Name) #171

Well spoken.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #172

i’m working on it, it will take some time, as it is in the “side project” category; a closed system on a private server of a small firma, used by my reference group and some other people i’ve got to know over the years in here or out there. I quit this discussion, not because of you, tmilo, but because of some little (harassing bored and boring, and teaching languages that they don’t really know) kiddies who imagine themselves knowing the world…

(Oladon) #173

Rather new to Memrise, but I see the merit in this discussion, and am interested in becoming involved in a project to create a better, more open, less gimmicky platform.

Hydroptere, is your project on Github?

Others who’ve mentioned your desire to be involved, should we start a board/discussion somewhere for serious planning purposes?

Something like this isn’t going to happen overnight, but it’s going to have a much better chance of success if a group of us work together to make it happen.

(Andyy 0qqayne) #174

If I had skills in Computing I would try to make a website where one could could participate in building pages that could show interface language and next to it a space that any one could insert their language word and make multi-lingual user interface then others could correct it so e.g… if I was learning Ainu ,an Ainu native who was learning my language could correct my spelling or word and vis vis and then when we write in forums a bi lingual predictive translator like google could show word for word and number to number correlation and any mistakes in sentences could be corrected by native then the computer could build a data base for dictionary like Apple where when you point curser on a would it will go to that entry,and also a grammar ,spell checker too,a phrase book with dialogues all the typing we do the data base of each language uses it and it can have each translated word disappear after many times used because they remember the word.Then a test to fill in missing words on a dialogue or sentence from a list with emocons all this from many different languages and programmers could create bots to trawl internet for word lists and text and use in a dictionary and text writer bi lingual predictive translator it helps you choose words like in iPhone but 2 languages one for choosing then when it is finished it will translate it with a line for the translated text in the sentence with a number ,if it is wrong one can edit it .And we can have any language scrabble ,crosswords word games that anyone can participate and correct ,indexes of words in classes grammatical ,thesaurus,easy mistaken words,endings and an enigma where you type a few letters and a sentence ,7 its a word like index but starts with appe…so all words with a p p and any combination and different colour for existing words.we could have live multilingual chat,many people writing there message and it will be trans lated correcting each other or so all words and sentence will be used ,the computer could randomly select some words from my text and put them in a list and readers return them all typing and correcting earn points.many icons do not have labels tools tips can be bilingual with instructions and links to how to ,and I have an issue with the fact that Ainu language can not be searched in search field and even my user name despite Tool tip , 'search ,topics,post ,users,or categories ’ ! Think memrise is good but we can improve it if they let us do it for points, if someone could show us how to build our own language learning site and it can be used by anyone they just insert the language and coy it and improve on it ,the company can concentrate on building programmes apps kits that let the language learners put together so they are learning a language with instruction manual and learning computer skills at the same time the good thing about b/tri/multi i-lingual site or apps is it can be used by more people English Ainu Japanese, English native and speakers people want to learn Japanese, so you make it easy to learn 2 languages at once ,I got a phrase book Japanese to Ainu ,it needs furigana so kanji can be read and some key words to help ,so every thing on line should be made so people can just drag words into menus ,this reply box should automatically make

space and over or under words a box for a the none native reader wants to translate my words the computer tries to fill in with languages the reader knows and finds the people and ask them do you want to add a word for a point ,how does this create income for memrise staff

(Not My Name) #175

If you do plan on making something, why talk about it on Memrise’s page? You know you could easily make another place to chat, for example, Discord.

(Ichigo Smof) #176

but it is true: memrise is dying

(khx333) #177

It’s easy to start a github project and build the new Memrise but most of github projects are abandonware due to later lack of interest or no developer community building to make a team. Or then there was internal struggle and the project forked to multiple projects with less focus and direction.

I would also be worried about the costs of sending audio and hosting larger images that someone ultimately has to pay – one option is to make it based on ad revenue but then others will complain.

I think Memrise will be fine – if they just had a better customer interaction department, that’s really the problem here.

(Ichigo Smof) #178

better customer interaction won’t change their ideas about ziggy or making it impossible to follow course members via the course leaderboard, and you never know what they will come up with next

i’m also afraid they will make an end to the personal leaderboards, which was originally put forward as one of the means to keep you motivated

(Oladon) #179

All of the things you mention are real problems… and they’re all quite avoidable. Cost, too, can be solved without advertisements. These are not problems that should keep anyone from building something.

I’m still here, and my offer is open; let’s get a group together and do it.

(khx333) #180

Go for it!

Anyway, a good community manager could do miracles and keep the existing user base happy. No response leads to speculation and fake ideas.

(Lavieenbleuclair) #181

I totally agree. I was really hoping to be able to use my keyboard and iPad Pro to learn, because typing is the fastest and easiest way to do it. Unfortunately, they have not made the app compatible with an external keyboard, and are ignoring my requests. I am literally only holding on to my old computer so I can use Memrise on the desktop site.

(Tmilo) #182

I do think this discussion should take place somewhere else. They’ve been very patient with it on their own forum. (Thank you memrise)

I am still seriously considering this. I stopped using memrise a lot for a while and thought when I came back they’d have fixed bugs and be adding the features I thought were missing - but they had started to remove features instead. I stopped recommending it to students at that point. I used (and still use) quizlet a little bit - but they don’t have some things memrise does.

As khx333 said, it’s not really that difficult to build an SRS site and I’ve been thinking about doing it for quite some time now.
I could probably do much of it - at least for the web - in just a few months if I could commit enough time to it; but I don’t have the funding to devote that much time. As stated there’s also the expenses issue for hosting. There’s got to be a reason why memrise is not adding the features we want (or even fixing bugs); it’s not because they don’t want to - - they probably just don’t have the income to invest further and they understandably don’t want to earn through ads. Maybe they should do a kickstarter or something. I wish there was a way to get them to fix issues and improve things but my guess is its just not that profitable or they’d be doing it. Maybe if they open-sourced stuff we could fix it for them.

(Mikatu) #183

I believe your are making a lot of assumptions.
Memrise is not trying to save money, they are even doing Membus activities and other stupid things.
Memrise could save money by just keeping its core and letting its users to do the courses and it was in the past.
Their courses lack quality and by doing so they destroyed all the work the users have been developed over years of hard work.

They do ignore the requests of the users, not for lack of funding but because they choose to do so.
The coma separation issue was the perfect example. It was in place and all courses were created with that in mind, and one day they decided to use the comma for sentences because in their courses they wanted to use sentences.
Comma no longer works as separation, but the users already had sentences, and they had whole courses with commas… no problem, the users had to change everything and they kept using commas for sentences in their lousy courses.
Alternative1: change memrise courses and leave everybody happy
Alternative2: put comma as optional
Alternative3: do what the users were doing before, for example, not using commas at all for sentences
Alternative4: select type of object, for sentences commas work as commas for words works as separator
etc… many alternatives, all ignored because they just decided to do it like that.
Plus, while doing it they called it “issue with our Quality Team” and said “we are working to fix it”, when in reality they just changed the system and never intended to solve the problem.

I no longer have pleasure learning with Memrise… I don’t even know if I will be able to return here for hours and hours like I did before.

Unless you keep comming here everyday you will have a huge list of words in the queue… which makes no sense, because you waste more time watering everything, instead of focusing in the real learning… also, not a problem with money