Memrise is dead. Let's get together and build an alternative


(Thawrea) #143

EugeKarns8a, thank you for your memcode, I am definitely going to look at it.

The fact Memrise doesn’t include serious users’s feedback among the priority criteria, whenever they are changing things, is well known. Anyone remembering old Memrise Beta remembers this too. The new Memrise went basically against most things the community dreamt of back then. And we had to accept that the only way to “vote” for a feature was the classical “use or leave” method. It makes me leave from time to time, and return when I miss some of the features. Like many learners, I am not gonna return one day. But Memrise won’t mind, as the millions of the app-toy users are more profitable than serious learners.

I wouldn’t hold primarily this against Memrise that much. It is their business. But I definitely care about being able to download the course I did put dozens of hours in, as I’ve made it exactly to cover a gap on the “market” and I would hate to have to make it again. I definitely would like to be informed in time, before anything damaging course creation and keeping happens. I have a few large course projects (and potentially awesome ones, targetting some weak spots on the courselist) on mind but I am very reluctant to start them in this uncertainty.

I am normally content with Anki, but the way to make writing cards there is a bit complicated for me. Writing the words, that is my main reason to use Memrise. The high quality user made courses are another. The community aspect, especially the leaderboard motivating me to put in many hours in order to keep rank or get a few places higher, that was the third one.

Leaderboard is gone. The focus on app, which is much less useful as it is far too easy, that is not attractive to me. I really want to learn, not just to play. User based courses are almost impossible to search, and if they are getting broken, it is a problem. I wouldn’t mind the pro courses being paid and I might even use them, if the quality and level were sufficient, but I am not gonna use phrasebook copies with mistakes even for free. I am far beyond the level in those languages I am learning (actually, you can get past that level pretty fast), I am not a fan of memorising whole phrases, and I am definitely not a fan of occassionally learning mistakes.

So, if any writing based SRS arises, I’ll happily join. For now, there is Clozemaster, but you cannot make your own wordlists there. There is Anki, which doesn’t have a comfortable way to include writing. There are others, which didn’t suit me in other ways.

Thanks to everyone for bringing the issue to my attention (I really though the website was more or less a stable project, with just a few broken functions that would get fixed in an update or two). And to everyone working on projects that might serve the serious learners no longer satisfied with Memrise. I do not have the needed skills for such projects, so I can only offer my thanks, and eventually money for a good quality platform. I don’t mind paying a reasonable price, but only if I am a valued customer, getting full value for the money. I am not getting such an impression from Memrise Pro.

(Evgenia Karunus) #144

Thank you!
It’s enlightening to me that you care about leaderboard and downloading raw courses.
That’s a spot on on the path Memrise is taking - fun easy game for mobile, which certainly has its niche, but it’s not what I was craving.

(Evgenia Karunus) #145

I greatly prefer desktop version too, it’s actually my work process as a programmer - I stumble upon the new fact I have to memorize and create a flashcard for it.
When I need a fresh reminder/overview of some library I may review whole course for that library.
Also I type faster on desktop.

(Thawrea) #146


I’ll send you a mail about course creation there, as I would like to try it out and it is not as easy as it may seem to you (or I am too ignorant, that is an option).

I am for now using Memrise, as I really like the user made courses. But I am just not creating anything more.

Clozemaster is a nice option too.

I think we still have some time. I think the definitive end of the good parts of Memrise will be announced in advance, something like “Wait for our new, awesome, and upgraded version.” :smiley:

(Evgenia Karunus) #148

Oh I would absolutely love that, looks like pretty much everyone is confused by my UI (and to me it’s absolutely intuitive and elegant, I’m not seeing anything confusing for the love of god), I’ve spent last few days writing instructions and modifying course creation to try to make it more clear.

I will definitely add a gmail sign-in (apart from github one), that’s the only obvious UX advancement I’m having in my mind right now.

(Petr R Skupad8) #149

I do not know if Memrise is really dying or not.

However, if there is platform which would elevate the dreams of users willing to contribute to others, than that platform surely would be Wikimedia.

After Wikipedia, Commons, Wikibooks and other stuff they weren’t doing much of progress … However, I believe they are well versed in doing software support for hardworking community and putting some balance between weighing up the input from users, creators and developers (it may be quite difficult sometimes).

Actually after learning about Memrise, I thought immediately how splendid would that be to create some new wiki-project with these features … however I though why to compete with something so well functioning as the Memrise … no need to bring them harm.

However if You guys believe, that they do actually bring the harm upon themselves and upon your work … then this would be wise direction to go.

(Mikatu) #150

What we mean is not that The Memrise is dying, but that OUR memrise is dying.
The core users are not happy with all the changes they make. Especially because they remove features and change things around against user’s feedback.
They are trying to move the users from the website to the app and only care about memrise created courses.
They made a change that affected everything, simply because they wanted to adapt something in their own courses.
I am, courses that the people worked for many many hours became useless because they decided to stop using commas as separation, with the justification (after saying it was a bug for weeks and weeks and never waiting to explain the real reason) that when you write a sentence in their own courses, the commas get in the way.

There were many other options, even to make it optional, but they decided to change something without even thinking twice. Also, everybody talks about features that existed in the beta versions of the site that were really nice, but they simply remove everything and focus entirely on the app.

It’s sad but memrise will continue to expand, but the core users, the ones that created the good content and wanted to learn stuff in the long term, are all leaving.

(ラッテル/) #151

I only use the desktop… I do not see why i would use the phone app and stick my eyes in a small screen… i find that horrible…

(Thawrea) #152

The big advantage of apps is the portability. Digital tools in our smartphones or tablets give us the opportunity to use the empty moments during the day, despite the disadvantages, such as the small screen.

However, there is a clear tendency on the digital language teaching market to dumb the apps down. It is not only Memrise, Duolingo is another extremely clear example, and surely not the only one. The apps are changing and becoming more of toys than learning tools.

It is clearly a “rational” decision to monetize the apps and get huuuuge crowds of users to get money from, preferably users who cannot just leave, as they are kids and their teachers are forcing them (that is the reason behind such focus on schools, I’d say. Too sad that the serious learners will be left without these tools again, and wait for new ones, that will last a few years before going the same path.

(El Guero2000) #153

Yes, we can build an alternative. There are similar programs out there. But, we could easily just replace all of those.


(Kik4444) #154

So what happened to this thread? It seems so active yet the last activity was almost 3 weeks ago. Why did so many people think memrise is dead again? I’ve been using it since mid 2014 and so far the only big changes I’ve noticed have been to the interface, the learning and (speed) reviewing has been relatively the same. I haven’t really experienced any bugs either (except for that one period where there was a discrepancy between the displayed learned items in the app and web versions). I do still miss the course forums, though I didn’t use them much so I haven’t been impacted by them all that much. I also don’t use mems and am not a paid user, yet I still have as much fun learning new stuff as I did almost 3 years ago. I have created several courses (of which all but one are private) and am still going strong and will be adding a new language course very soon on top of all my other courses (not all of which are about languages BTW).

So I ask, how can you be sure that memrise will be scrapped in the near future? I really hope it doesn’t, cause I don’t have any backups of my courses (cause I thought I wouldn’t need them) and would really hate to lose memrise as a whole. It’s the sole reason I’ve learned as much as I have these years.

(L0rri) #155

“[T]he only big changes I’ve noticed have been to the interface…” Well, yes. I believe that is a big part of the problem. Like no longer showing number of items per category on the drop-down menu, or suddenly putting everything in alphabetical order on the dashboard, or not having points anymore for the mems, which still bothers me every time I see certain ones that have made me laugh and helped me remember words over the years. There just seems to be no rhyme or reason to many of the changes other than to affirmatively make things less enjoyable or less competitive.

(Petr R Skupad8) #156

While I agree with kik that those changes does not look like end of Memrise to me, the evaluation as “having been less enjoyable” seems correct.
Although I still enjoy Memrise, I really miss the mems on my iPhone (in iPhone the reverse of the mem update was only partial).

And I feel unsecure whether I should put some toil in creating my first course for all.

I have some original idea and plan for Chemistry (only some concepts exist so far in this direction) … this approach to chemistry on Memrise might be the rulechanger for chemistry learning …

I collected already tons of background material for it … but should i wager on the continuity of Memrise as it is and pour ton of hours into creating one?

(Kik4444) #157

Actually I had forgotten that in the past you had an option to water all items. I used that a lot and hate that it’s gone now cause every now and then several courses light up with 1 item each and I have to load each course separately for 1 item. Also the main screen could use another remake cause I really hate the current one where you have to wait a while for only a few courses to load and then have to wait even more if the one you’re looking for isn’t in those first few ones loaded. But overall I haven’t seen anything indicating the impending demise of memrise. If the service was timing out every now and then cause the devs couldn’t maintain the servers or they came out saying something like memrise not having long THEN I would start worrying.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #158

the thread was not about memrise as such dying, but memrise as it was for some very faithfull, long-term, heavy users and creators. Of course there are many users who never enjoyed(/cared/knew/spent weeks and months to curate or create courses - I don’t speak about copypaste here/etc) that memrise. That memrise with its enjoyable features and lean design is long gone, and having some pink lobster as avatar is not something that will make memrise more enjoyable (or what memrise was exactly missing as to get an edge on the market…)

(L0rri) #159

Well, I don’t know that Memrise will go off the air any time soon, but it seems, as with so many sites these days, to be focusing on its mobile users, so you might want to keep that in mind if it’s applicable to your course design (just my guess of course!). As to chemistry, oh boy do I wish there had been something, anything, to help me with any science back in my junior high/high school days. So I do hope you will do something, even just for the practice. Maybe you will help some science-challenged person like me :slight_smile:

(Mikatu) #160

Memrise is not going to close and just leave the business.
What we meant is that our memrise is over and they are moving away from the website to the app, and are killing all the good content they had before.

Let’s face it, the best courses were all created by the users, not by memrise. I laugh with the poor quality of the “official memrise” courses.

Before memrise was a site which made learn fun, but now I use it as any other flashcard site.
I prefer to invest my time in a Website that changes for better like Quizlet, than in a Website that only makes changes for the worse and completelly ignores its users.

(Kik4444) #161

I still use community courses, never used an official course before and have not regretted it

(Janmetdepet) #162

You can review a hundred words with accents and what not in a few minutes by typing fast. Can you do that with an app on a touch screen device?

(Ichigo Smof) #163

they’ve changed the ranks to that childish and uninspired stff