Memrise is dead. Let's get together and build an alternative


(Rabbit Who) #122

That’s a good idea! I have so many questions

(The Four Gated Danzig) #123

You can’t see how many items you have for watering? Mine stills works… maybe they’re phasing people out, groan.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #124

2 years ago you could see next to the category the total number of items to be watered in that category. Like “Spanish (1455)”

(Colva) #125

That’s odd, I still see that, in the drop-down box for which language to look at - but only when I haven’t yet done anything (planted or watered) in the language I’m currently looking at.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #127

that’s true, but two years ago (or even one) each category had the items in need for watering counted immediately after the name of the category, without the extra click. And you had also a total of items in need for watering in all categories - well, this was just one of the features I mentioned (the counting ate resources indeed). What about the rest?

However … everything feeds on something/consumes resources, probably even the stones on the road; the cutting down of features in the name of capacities etc has to stop somewhere, otherwise one has no product, freemium or not. It stopped?, unfortunately, after mems, which makes _Mem_rise a bit ridiculous…

(The Four Gated Danzig) #128

Oh! yeah, you’re talking about two years ago when the list of courses per each language was smaller, and there wasn’t that group vs. home split. That was such a stupid decision, too. ugh.

(Vuski) #129

Just a suggestion, but I’ve been using this website called Lingvist and it’s pretty good with the Spanish course so far as I can see based off of my usage although it unfortunately doesn’t have the Mems that can be found on here (or were found on here, should I say). The courses are constructed by professional linguists according to the site, so it might be useful for her in that way although there are also user forums where you can interact with other learners and the moderators of the site. Oh and it’s free (for now) if that helps matters.

(Lurajane) #130

The “less of a lonely activity” is a very big deal. The human connection, even if very small, gave a sense of community. And that makes learning fun.[quote=“RabbitWho, post:116, topic:6930”]
A lot of mems had copyrighted material on them and they could be sued if they charged for that.

That’s the most reasonable explanation so far.

(Evgenia Karunus) #131

Aand finally I wrote up a comparison between the sites like Memrise that I’ve tried:
Overall, Memrise still keeps on being the best site for language-learning in my mind, Quizlet for test preparation, and Memcode (mine) for formatted self-created courses that you need to memorize long-term.

(Mikatu) #132

The problem with memrise is that they have their own agenda.
Before people could trust it was a site to learn, we could invest time, a lot of it, in creating courses, and everything was working (more or less).
Now, we don’t know what to expect. I had a big course, many hours invested there, and it stop working only because they decided to remove the comma separation (that was the beginn of the end for me).
Now I only see the site going down at full speed and only the app is being developed.

No longer a paying user and honestly, I lost most of the fun I had here with all the learning.
I have the courses in Excel and I am ready to move as soon as things get unbearable. Until then I will keep here.

I agree that Memrise is still the best around. Anki is somehow incomplete and Quizlet I love but without a algoritm it is hard to use in the long term.

(Ichigo Smof) #133

i think the biggest problem is that people who make courses, limit themselves too often to making flashcards, whereas memrise does offer the possibility to make real courses

(Thomas Heiss) #134

@mikatu, @EugeKarns8a
I had read in my reserach about “Flashcards Deluxe” and it’s Quizlet import support.
Have you already tried it?

(Thomas Heiss) #135

I am doing many English-Portuguese courses.
Review / Watering counter (blue button) works for me ON THE WEB, either on the start page (listing + filtering all courses with set goals) or for each selected course (course view with levels/words).

(Thomas Heiss) #136

@Hydroptere: Auto-Learn (for one - currently learning - single word) is back by cooljingle’s user script: [Userscript] Memrise Auto Learn

(Evgenia Karunus) #137

I haven’t tried Flashcard Deluxe, because:

  1. Flashcard Deluxe only offers mobile installation, my I mostly use this kind of software on my desktop.
  2. I create courses myself regularly (in fact I only learn self-created courses), and they offer either to create courses by excel, or on mobile! One of the reasons I created Memcode is me not liking the experience of creating flashcards with Memrise, and its absence of formatting. Also I haven’t found an option to import from Quizlet that you talked about (not like it would have helped the process tremendously).
  3. Their webpage: You can see how much of a headache any standard action takes.

So Flashcard Deluxe is clearly not my use case, and I’m not seeing why anyone would want to use it instead of Memrise or Brainscape (though I’d like to hear about it, I bet Flashcard Deluxe’s creators had something in mind).

(Overlord Hydroptère) #138

danke :slight_smile: ich weiss es. My memrise is loaded with extra css already and I am using mostly my own courses (3/4 of them private)… (however, I was speaking about features disappearing)

(Mikatu) #139

I never used the app Flashcards Deluxe.
What I like about Quizlet is that I can use it in several apps. In fact I use an app called Flashcardlet, not the offical Quizlet app. It is very simple but works for me.

But that is only when I am in the public transports and need to kill some time by learning.
I prefer to learn at the computer.

(Robert Knight8a) #140

I’ve used Flashcards Deluxe for years. It has the following advantages:

  1. 5 sided cards. I use this to include conjugations of verbs and declensions of nouns, as well as example sentences and more detailed definitions
  2. You can set it to test on any two of the sides. It will alternate between these randomly—no need to create two different levels, one for each direction. The other sides will show after you are tested on the card.
  3. You can adjust the spaced repetition any way you want
  4. It is very easy to add photos to any of the sides (Think Mems)
  5. You can put each card into one or more categories, which you create yourself. You can then test by category.
  6. It is much easier to create a course than on Memrise. I’ve moved two of my courses to Memrise and it took me months. The original cards were created over maybe two weeks, with many other card sets being created in an hour or two.
  7. Audio is added automatically (if you want it to be). The audio in machine generated, but is better than Google’s audio.Audio can also be added manually. Alternatively, one can use the audio from your phone.
  8. The support is excellent, in contrast to Memrise
  9. Different types of tests are available: Regular flash card, multiple choice, and others I haven’t used (can’t recall)
  10. Cards can be easily browsed
  11. One can search across any set of cards
  12. Indicates how many words are ready to be reviewed for each deck.
  13. Words can easily be easily copied or transferred from deck to deck
  14. Decks can be easily backed up or imported/exported from/to an Excel file
  15. Updates are made to add features and fix bugs, not to remove features or add rocket junk.
  16. No problems with copyrights.


  1. Very limited opportunities to share ones work, no social structure
  2. Does not automatically cycle between testing methods
  3. No tapping exercises, no typing tests
  4. No standard, company-created courses
  5. No video (maybe one can add it, not sure)
  6. No user created courses available, only a few specific decks, mostly for beginners.
  7. There is a bit of a learning curve and it is sometimes difficult to remember where the settings for something you want are.
  8. No explicit “goals”.

If you are interested in using Flashcard Deluxe and happen to be learning Russian, let me know. I have dozens of decks derived primarily from the New Penguin Russian Course (NPRC). These include decks for each chapter of the text, as well as one for particles, one for verbs taking dative, etc.

Personally, I like and use Flashcard Deluxe, Memrise, Duolingo and Clozemaster, for different reasons. I agree Memrise is on gradual decline (except that their new official courses are an improvement and the videos are useful). I still appreciate what we do get, though.

(Gee Why) #141

I definitely prefer to use the non-app version specifically because I can use chrome add-ons to personalize my experience.

(Thawrea) #142

Yes, lingvist has some advantages, but I found some not entirely correct things in their French course (I am a C2 level speaker, I was just curious) and both that, the lack of ignore button, and lack of satisfactory answer to some questions (like what type of resources and media is their frequency list based on) made me a bit unsure about using it. Yes, it may be a very good tool in some ways, but not entirely reliable.