Memrise is dead. Let's get together and build an alternative


(Ngaju Germany) #102

I speak Python and HTML, but not good enough. However I could create many courses with correct audio.

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #103

Here’s an earlier discussion:

(Overlord Hydroptère) #104


i am unable to find the cos/reddit thread concerning this issue… do you have by accident the link to, maybe? thanks

(Baite) #105

Has your plan to create a new site for crowd-sourced courses gone forward? Just interested.

(Evgenia Karunus) #106

I was not okay with memrise for a long time too.
I wrote them a few letters about what I’m disliking, and their response was not promising.

So I created a site that corresponds to my style of learning:
You may find it beneficial if you:

  • Tend to create courses yourself rather than search for the existing ones
  • Need formatting in a flashcard (eg code blocks, bold text, image addition)
  • Want fill-in-sentence tasks and self-rated questions with hidden answers

For languages probably memrise is still a better option with their large database of courses and mems feature.

(Evgenia Karunus) #107

Also you may want to look at and
I looked at them too, but they didn’t satisfy me. Mostly because they are bulky and slow to me, provide only memrise-like task types, and don’t allow for formatting.

You may like them if you are okay with these things, and:
quizlet - if you like the ability to listen to your question pronounced, want different test-like tasks with later non-immediate check, want to play an actual game with asteroids.
brainscape - forces you to manually rate every answer, but they have a rich ecosystem of expert-checked courses if you need any (in paid version. They also have formatting in the paid version).

I’m thinking of writing a more consistent article on the topic of our alternatives in the realm of spaced repetition-based learning sites.

(Carmelo Serraino70) #108

In iste situation de presumite morte de Memrise nos crede que le grande potentialitate de servicio de interlingua pote ser un imponente instrumento synergic pro lo revitalisar!
Io non ha trovate como facer pro crear un curso pro apprender italiano al parlantes interlingua. Si il ha alicun qui comprende mi lingua, vos pote responder etiam in en, es, pt, fr o it e io comprende.
Como pote interlingua adjutar Memrise e Memrise adjutar interlingua?

(Overlord Hydroptère) #109

sorry, but this is the wrong thread for your question. Did you read it, the thread?

(Nigu84) #110

Had a quick look. Nice UI and running pretty smoothly.

Just wondering, in what sense is it linked to Github?

I appreciate your honest review of existing options.

Good luck!

(Evgenia Karunus) #111

Thank you!
It’s not linked to github in any way (well, apart from me hosting my code there).
I’m using it as a social network sign-up, because according to my own little world everyone uses it (not true, all 3 of you who registered there have new accounts apparently). I should probably switch to gmail instead.

(Nigu84) #112

I used my existing Github account, which is linked to gmail (probably?). Yet my personal git repositories are on bitbucket.
But I guess you might have greater user-friendliness allowing for gmail or facebook login, as version control is quite a professional tool.

(Nigu84) #113

By the way, if at some point you want to implement an optimized SR algorithm, check out this post (published paper reference inside) on the duolingo blog…

EDIT: This link has already been posted in this thread, it seems.

(Evgenia Karunus) #114

Very interesting, thank you. I initially implemented SM2 algorithm (they say Memrise and Brainscape use some sort of it too), but it was too harsh for my taste, so I had to adjust it significantly.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #115

did anybody discovered some other site working with “mems”?

(Rabbit Who) #116

So far the only thing I’ve lost that I had on memrise 5 years ago is mems. It is a crying shame. But otherwise it is still the same helpful study site it always was* and unless that changes I am happy to stick with it until it gets worse. I am really really going to miss mems though. They were so helpful, and besides that they made studying less of a lonely activity.

*(read between the lines: no improvement)

You can use Anki and Quizlet to fill the gap for you too . I know parts of Anki are open source so I am sure they’d be happy to have volunteers help improve the program.

Memrise took millions in funding, the idea that you could spend thousands of hours making something from scratch, for free, well it’s ambitious! Good luck.

Is it just me or is no one talking about the fact that all the official courses are behind a paywall now? You can only do the first bit for free. If they are charging for and heavily promoting the paid content I could see why you would worry that our freely created courses, which are often better than and always in competition with the paid ones, might disappear.

You know what else? A lot of mems had copyrighted material on them and they could be sued if they charged for that. You know what else else? A lot of the unofficial audio is from forvo and the licence says it can’t be charged for. Yet it costs memrise money to have on its servers. I don’t think you are premature in thinking the sky is falling.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #117

auto-ignore is gone; auto-learn is gone; statistics (for course creators / contributors) went away ages ago, as well the mems wall and the image search. The garden is gone more or less, the login page represents the earth after a nuclear calamity (thanks, Alan, again, for finding the right words :smile: ) The pin is gone and the counter telling you how many items are waiting for watering (sorry, “review”) are gone. … The “delete mems” function for course creators/contributors disappeared some 2,3 years ago?. And, finally, we lost the mems… The list is not complete, this is only what I remember “auf Anhieb”…

jezzie … I forgot the disappearance of the course fora (those having a direct link!!!)

(Xvg11) #118

I think the reason that few are talking about it is that they foolishly believe Memrise when they say “we are looking into it, and will get back to you real soon.” They don’t realize that this is the standard Memrise tactic of lying about unpopular changes, until the facts become so obvious that it is no longer possible to keep lying about it.

In my opinion, the elimination of Mems from community courses and the paywalling of the official courses is obviously related. They want to charge for the higher levels of the official courses, and to do that, they have to make them more valuable than the equivalent community courses. So they deliberately took away the Mems from all the community courses, making them much less attractive to learners.

They will maintain the charade and keep the web site free for a little while longer, but their plan is obvious.

I wonder how the course creators like you feel, knowing that you did all of that work and now nobody can see it, and Memrise can appropriate it from you and charge for it if they wish. Do you feel like you were deceived and fooled into working for a business for free, under false pretenses?


There is some discussion about it in these threads, and on Twitter:

(Rabbit Who) #120

Ufff… I wanted to buy my mom pro as a present because she is starting to learn Spanish but uff…now I don’t know what direction the site is going in so I’d rather invest in something that I know will still be good in a year’s time, like Busuu.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #121

well… First show her the app how it is now and see if she likes it (I’m not the age of your mum for sure, but I cannot use the app with all those colours and rockets, even if I would not care about clients data). If she does like it, and if she’s an absolute beginner, you could buy her a memrbership for a year, if that fits your budget for the present …

(when you buy something you get usually a record of the “Leistungen”/ what is offered in exchange. That piece of paper/those email bits are legally valid. Ask for a detailed one)