Memrise is dead. Let's get together and build an alternative


(Carhartt) #62

It has both, but for longer group of words or sentences it usually only uses taping.
That’s the exact reason why I prefer learning with the website even if I started out with the mobile version.

PS: Does someone know if there is still a way to use Auto-Grow when you are not the course creator? I found an old script but it’s not working anymore.

(idle) #63

Not that I know of - you need to be a creator or contributor.

(Zzzzz ) #64

@carhartt and @widle. I think I will stick to the webversion then. Thank you for answering. :slight_smile:

(Carhartt) #65

@Zzzzz There is also nothing wrong with using both. I for example sometimes use the mobile version for planting because it’s anyway multiple choice or tapping most of the time. So when I’m somewhere on my way and have a few minutes time I use the app to plant some words and review them later on the computer.

@widle That’s unfortunate. There are some courses where you just want to test yourself and there is no point in going through the whole learning process. So I don’t see why they don’t offer that as an option automatically.

(idle) #66

@carhartt I agree wholeheartedly.

(stereofield) #67

I download each audio file in the database with a script.

(Alfie Fortd0) #68

I am willing to help, I do not have programming knowledge but I am happy to provide/create content for courses.

(Robert Knight8a) #69

Ah, that would be extremely helpful.

(Jmargrison) #70

I am something of an optimist, so I’m thinking that they will keep the user-created courses but with the current level of support ( ie none ). I think they can benefit from the statistics from the user-created courses to guide them in deciding what commercial courses to develop next, as well as to attract people to their product. Also their reputation will suffer if they stop supporting the community-created courses completely.
That said I fully support the idea of an open alternative.

(Edison Carter77) #71

Gah! I’m so glad I just signed up for a year. Guess I’m going to hope that the paid features, including the build-your-own-course-from-the-web-site feature, last that long. I guess Anki has some similar stuff in it? If not, I’m presuming from this post that there is nothing with similar-to-Memrise course-building functionality out there?



(Lena) #72

You don’t need to be a paying user to create your own courses.

(Sir Cemloud) #73

It is not what he meant. I think.

He hopes to take profit of creating courses on the website at least as long as his memberships lasts…

(Geil) #74

A lot of cry babies. They changed how comma’s work, whaaa! They put a rocket ship in the app. Whaa! seriously, this is disgusting how people could think it is the end of the world here.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #75

if you are not affected/concerned by/with the problems exposed in this thread, why do you feel compelled to “participate” ? well, if trying to insult others can be considered “to participate”… personally, I’ve been notified that ther is a new msg in this thread that is of interest for me, only to find your “message”!

(Geil) #76

Because it concerns me that a large vocal minority would rather build a new app using the forum and resources from this app(Irony!). Because this thread keeps popping up to the top of the feed. Which is why I’m voicing my opinion. There has not been one shred of evidence they are going to take away user created courses. You are entitled to nothing, and nothing in this thread is constructive to the least.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #77

note: this thread is about a web/desktop alternative to memrise (apps like memrise are … tons. And what some people might or might not build is the business of those who might build it - who are you to oppose?)

calling others “disgusting/nothing” is not constructive, also you mix up insulting others with “voicing” an opinion… did the people in this thread insult you? many of them are long-term users and course creators on memrise… please work on your text comprehension and you might find something constructive!

(Geil) #78

Title says otherwise. It about constructing a new app (but I suspect progress on that is 0% because this honestly a bluff / bait thread to get your way). Not existing alternatives, which there is already a thread for that. I did not call anybody disgusting, just the existence of this thread, is. I called many here cry babies, and you proving my point. Grow some skin.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #79

so, you prefer going on insulting others? and that is your point? wow, strong reasoning… how old are you 10 and a half? don’t bother to answer - the option is to ignore you completely is available - your messages in this fora (these ones, the “multi-culti” one etc) are more enough

(Geil) #80

If you want me to apologize to the ‘‘cry babies’’ comment I will. I apologize. But I’m still going to point out the hypocrisy here.

as far as everything else you wrote, I don’t have an opinion on your opinion of me. I did not reply to your multi comment because I think the thread went too off based, and honestly couldn’t really understand what you wrote.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #81

aha. Ok apologise, however, before you cry about cry babies and hypocrisy (huh? where is this coming from??? jumpy “reasoning”), take into consideration that one cannot take very seriously a German learning user using as avatar a child called “geil” (sorry, but…