Memrise is dead. Let's get together and build an alternative


(Mxl) #41

I`ve been building an alternative for memrise for some time already, and I’m close to having it done. It’ll be like memrise as I remember it from old times, but a nicer and smarter community edition. One of the features I plan is an ability to export course data (for authors) as csv/json and user data to/from anki (if it’s possible, haven’t worked on it yet) or as csv/json. I definitely could figure out a way to parse courses data and user data from here, I just don’t want a lawsuit. I plan to release it before NY, maybe a few weeks after. If someone wants to participate in the testing, write to me to maria-mxl at, I’ll invite you when it’s done.

(Mikatu) #43

That sounds like a great idea!

Regarding the lawsuit you don’t need to worry. The content is free, and as long as you don’t use if for comercial purposes you can use it anyway you want.

I do downloads from here all the time using
Every course I take I have it also in Excel because I need to see the data all together, to study it outside the web.
What I like to do is to merge the content from several courses into just one, because it is easier for me to have everything in the same place.

(Mxl) #44

Oh, thank you :slight_smile:
Well, if one day there are too many users for me to host for free (and I already have some database-eating features like complex item types, reviewing forecasts, course statistics, etc), the site will have to go commercial. If does, it’ll be freemium, but it’s still commercial. So, copying is not an option. Though I could parse user progress like learned words for those who want it.

(Wochenweise) #45

I would like to be able to copy a course for editing whithout downloading it first.
Use case: I’m learning Esperanto, and though I can use resources for english-speakers, I’d much prefer ones for german-speakers, and there are perfectly fine courses for english-speakers (for exemple ones about prepositions, etc), and i would just like to translate them.

About licensing of user content: If you specify from the beginning in the Terms Of Use, that all uploaded user-content automatically falls under CC-License so-and-so, then it will be possible to avoid that problem at least in future. (I mean the problem that a lot of usergenerated content will go down with memrise and can’t be reused on your platform because it wil be partly commercial.

BTW, wouldn’t it still be educational, and thus (in some countries) fair use?

(stereofield) #46

I made a shell script (for those of you who are programmers) that downloads all of the audio files in German 1 to my computer. I don’t know about publishing it because of intellectual property and copyright, does anyone have any feedback on this?

(Wochenweise) #47

Information on that is typically found in the Terms Of Use (TOU), and as far as I understand memrises TOU, what you want to do would be a breach of copyright.
Here you can see for yourself, I am not a lawyer:

(Mxl) #48

That’s a good idea, I think I’ll do it. I don’t see any reason not to. I think users should pay for using the platform, the technology, but it’s ridiculous to apply a commercial license to just a raw set of words.

About you esperanto use case, I thought about creating a pool, a page where people can just drop or import words to on the fly for future use (and such page is needed in the mobile app as well), without having to put them into an actual course. It’s not too difficult, I don’t see why Memrise haven’t done it yet.

(Mxl) #49

I think Memrise lacks competitors, quality popular web platforms for quality learning, some real big players who would give it a kick. My humble project started like “I need this and that features, it’s been a long time since the new design and almost nothing changed, I would have already done something myself… Wait, why don’t give it a try?”. A few months passed by and I already have a working platform with a decent (at least my boyfriend thinks so) design (though the platform’s buggy in many places, it lacks half the features and I’m lost in constant redoing of what’s already done) – and that’s just me, I’m a student and I have a job I still have to go to. I wonder what 25 full time professionals would have done in that time.

Well, maybe I’m wrong and not aware of all the difficulties that come along with 10M users. Maybe the team has been working their hands to the bone, and in a few days we’ll see an astonishing changed Memrise with a bag of new features, but I’ve been thinking like that for a year or so and that day hasn’t come yet.

And they closed the suggestions platform. It wasn’t there for no reason! Half my ideas came from there, like Cos’s (if I remember right) idea of separately reviewing the words you’ve been learning for a very long time. Those were good ideas and Memrise should have listened to them, that’s again to the lack of real competitors.

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #50

No harm in publishing the script - it can be used legitimately if it’s only downloading content that was not created by Memrise.

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #51

Could you start a new topic where you show us a flowchart or paper model (I forget the word)?

Personally I’m interested in how it treats the backlog. I would probably do: always present those items with a shorter interval before those with a longer interval. Also editing of review interval, personalization of review interval (maybe even a variable review interval based on how many times you got the word wrong (and difficulty of the language/course)) and easy bulk uploading of video/audio. The thing I like about Memrise best is its massed presentation when you first learn the word and that you don’t have to think when you review about the spacing interval you want to give it (unlike Anki, which is a main reason I don’t use that).

I would also like it to be able to show iframes (of dictionary sites), and editing of the css.

Also a local client and data, as I don’t want to be dependent on one person (you) who in a little while might decide to end it.

(Jamus) #52

The app has really gone downhill since they introduced the “rocket ship” crap.

They broke a good app and they just don’t seem to be interested in what we the users want and think.

(Mxl) #53

I’m afraid I don’t get what you mean by a paper model. Screenshots? Some schemas?

Also, why would you like to be able to edit the css? And css of what exactly?

I myself thought about a local client, and the ability to download all you progress and related data (and the ability to upload it too). I hope I’ll get to creating it, it’s just too difficult to say right now.

(Danielpresto) #54

wow, hopped on the forums because I couldn’t figure out how to contact course creators to get some mistakes fixed in courses. Didn’t realize it was getting so bad. I guess I just kinda kept rolling with the punches. It makes me sad that memrise has let something so amazing fall by the wayside. I have a paid pro-membership because I wanted to show my support to a free community based learning website that has taught me so much. Now I feel ripped off. Obviously the “perks” of a pro membership are a JOKE but I paid for it to support the company in their development of better ways for the community to interact and improve courses. I have dedicated hundreds of hours to this web site, added audio to courses that previously had none, and made some pretty damn good memes.

Please contact me if another community based website is in the works. I would literally learn code just to stick it to the man and create an interactive, multifarious, exciting website for learners that memrise could have been

(Overlord Hydroptère) #55

mems (not memes)

(Matteogiuseppe) #56

Are you able to pull audio as well? Any tips?

(stereofield) #57

I made a script to automatically comb the audio in certain courses (if I know the template name) but I’m not publishing it (yet) because of copyright.

(Robert Knight8a) #58

What do you mean by “automatically comb the audio”?

(Wild Sage) #59

There are some courses that are so lacking in the app form they seem pointless to do n anything other than the website.

I do get that the webusers are in the minority. It’s a shame more people aren’t being encouraged within the app to visit the site. They have no idea how much they are actually missing out on.

(Zzzzz ) #60

I only use the website. Does the app have type-in questions or just multiple-choice questions?

(idle) #61

It has both, but less typing than the web.

I’m actually using a userscript on the website to force typing all the time, even after I made a mistake. I’m only allowing multiple choice for planting.