Memrise Group Function Not Working

I have created groups for my students. Created courses and then added those courses to the group. Invited my students to the group, which they have accepted. How can my students see the group? How can they see the new courses? The app seems to be completely void of any group options. Also on the website if my students click on “groups” they get a page that just says “you haven’t created any groups.” I honestly do not even understand how the group function is supposed to work. How can you even view the groups you are in?

This article on how to invite others to your group may be useful.

Students who have successfully joined your group would see this text: You have been successfully added to… (Name of group).

Is it just me, or have they removed the “invite by e-mail”-function since that post got published? :frowning: It doesn’t appear on my screen.

It seems they have - most likely because the Memrise mails tended to end up in spam or were immediately deleted automatically. I think gmail refused to accept any of these mails - at least my students had troubles with that.

Thks for your answer. and sorry being so late…
Still it does not work for mine…