Memrise for students without offline mode

Hi everyone,

I’m a teacher for German as a foreign language and looking to use memrise with my class. Unfortunately the offline mode is no longer available in the free version, so my students might use mobile data when they use memrise on the go. How do you deal with that problem? I’m not sure if I want to promote an app that causes costs for my students when there is no wifi available…

Looking forward to your answers!


It is an issue. It is a shame that the students can not access the courses on all their “down-time” but there are so many opportunities for them to have access (depending on where in the world they are) that it is still a very good tool to use at home or in public places.

I (would) still recommend it to them.

Same situation here Back when offline mode as still free, I recommended the app. With the situation as it is right now, I’d suggest to just be honest - it uses up data. Either use the app only when connected to wi-fi or use the computer to learn.
And you should probably create an information sheet explaining the terms&conditions, mobile data and make sure your students know in advance about them. Hopefully a teacher at your school (do you have someone who focuses on protecting privacy rights of students?) can help.

I don’t have Premium, and I use the offline mode on my smartphone constantly.
I click the download button when I’m around a wifi-network, and the course is downloaded to my device without any problems. I can then use it without using data while riding the bus, train, etc. It’s one of the main reasons why I recommend it for my students (Danish as a second language), as many of them do not have a phone subscription with data allowance.

You’re right to do so, but the download feature is a PRO feature, except for old Memrise users. Which seems to be your case then.

So your students wont be able to do the same.

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