Memrise Font Changes

The new font is not nice. I prefer the old ones. Is there any option to change back?


There is no option do that. It’s possible that you don’t have the proper fonts installed though. I’m doing Japanese and after the change it looked low res and just a bad looking font, because I didn’t have the new font installed, and it just defaulted to ms mincho font. If you do not have the correct font installed, then if you’re on pc and using chrome, then when you’re doing your course, right click on where you see chinese, select inspect element, and in one of the bottom boxes look for

.garden-box *:lang(ja) {
font-family: “Hiragino Mincho Pro”,“Yu Mincho”,“MS Mincho”,serif;

Your font will be something different, but this is what it shows for me because i’m doing Japanese. Install the font closest to the left that isn’t a pro version(unless you’re willing to pirate or pay money for it), and the font should look good afterwards. How to install: just google the name of it, download it, unzip it, right click and select install. For example I googled Yu Mincho. I think it’ll be something different for you because you’re doing Chinese.

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It seems you have the same issue as reported here

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