Memrise doesn’t work in offline mode properly

(Dundee) #1

I’ve downloaded offline version of Memrise as I don’t have internet on my iPad. Whenever I switch off and on my iPad, Memrise app stops working in offline mode. For it to work I have to connect to internet via my mobile first. Then I can see my progress and disconnect internet. Does anyone have the same problem?

(Amanda Norrsken) #2

This could have something to do with the coming changes???

Have you read about the coming split with community courses going to Decks and the official memrise courses staying on the app?

(Baite) #3

Just to be 100% clear that we are on the same page: I suppose you don’t mean that you downloaded a different version of the memrise App, do you? I suppose that you meant that you used the Memrise App to download the course to your iPad, correct?

I understand your description this way:

  • start iPad without internet connection
  • launch memrise app
  • start review or learning or any other game for a downloaded course: result memrise won’t start the session due to no internet
  • connect to internet
  • (wait a few minutes? and disconnect?)
  • start new game session -> it works
  • after/during game, be disconnected from the internet (at which point did you disconnect?)
  • start new game session -> it still works

If this is your scenario, it’s really strange. I have never seen it before.
Did it ever work before properly? Or did you try this for the first time?

My only suggestion for a workaround would be,

  • remove the downloaded course from the iPad (not from your learning, but just ‘undownload’ it). I believe it is simply clicking the icon that you used to download it, and it will ask to remove it.
  • download the course again

See if it solves your issue.

If not, we should ask memrise. They usually are fast with a first response if multiple people report the same.

Posting model iPad (if any) and version of OS and app (when did you update the last time?) also might help (and precise steps if above steps are not correct).

PS: I use Android, so my factual experience with apple is limited.

(Dundee) #4

Many thanks for your reply Amanda and John. I don’t study other users’ courses, so I don’t think it’s because of the Decks and it has started way before they announced the Decks.
John, exactly like you said, in that order. I did undownload and download the course again but it still does the same thing.
I may have to talk to Memrise directly I think. Many thanks for your help.

(Baite) #5

@MemriseMatty Matt, do you think you would be able to look into Dundee’s issue here? Thanks in advance!

(Memrise Matty) #6


Sorry to hear this. Can you provide the following data so we can investigate further:

  • Username
  • Your country / location
  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Wifi or 4g?
  • How many times did you try the download?
  • How long before it failed?
  • Which course did you try to download?


(Dundee) #7


Please see my answers below:


(Memrise Matty) #8

Thanks, I’ve passed this on to our Developers. If you are having trouble downloading any courses, please see:

You also mentioned

If you download a course for Offline mode, Memrise will rely on stored data during your learning or reviewing sessions. However, if the app detects an active connection, it will try and connect to the Internet to update your progress to the servers, and sometimes to include a number of Learn with Locals video tests in the session (due to their size, videos are not included in the files that Memrise downloads for offline use). This may cause the app to load slowly or not work as expected.

Unfortunately, to avoid this, you will need to switch your device to flight mode before launching the app. :frowning: Not sure if that helps.

Alternatively, please try updating your firmware on the device and also the Memrise App.

(Dundee) #9


One more thing I forgot to mention. I haven’t switched my iPad yesterday hoping that I can see my offline learning progress. But this is the message I get when I click on anything without connecting to internet:

The operation couldn’t be completed. (Memrise.LearnableSourceError error 101.)



(Memrise Matty) #10

RE: LearnableSourceError error 101

We are aware of this error. Sometimes updating the app has removed it for other users. If it continues to appear, can you send us a screenshot of the error, and let us know what you were doing when it appeared, and the course name level etc. And version of Memrise you are on, I can follow up with the developers.

I hope the previous troubleshooting tips can help.

(Rody) #11

don’t worry. I see you’re already in Spanish 6? If you finish the spanish course and want to continue with spanish you’ll have go to the new Decks-website anyway; which does not have an app nor does it have an offline mode :slight_smile:

(Dundee) #12

Many thanks. I’ve tried all the tips you have given. It seems like it’s working now. Fingers crossed.

(Dundee) #13

Thanks a lot Matty for your help.