MemRise cut web development

Memrise cut web development and is focusing completely on the mobile experience.
How cool is that? We are not getting new feature in the website?

They call it a ‘reinvention’ of the company.

Yeah… I totally think they deserve the award for the organisation that most successfully reinvented itself. I just voted in the link below:


I do think that the part about their own cannibalising is very humourous. See the last paragraph here.


It’s very strange seeing cannibalism (even the metaphorical kind) brought up as a positive.

I’m actually curious how these changes really affected their bottom line. I wonder if the decision to ignore bugs and do the world’s worst reskin really brought in the users they were expecting.


Hi all,

Although the information contained in that website is accurate, that was something that happened several years ago. We’re sure you’d be happy to know that our awesome team are back powering up our web platform. :slight_smile: Keep your eyes peeled for future improvements!

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Doing your best to make user experience worse? :slight_smile:

Again, why don’t you fix bugs in the first place? Like this bug, when some mems are not displaying or disappearing completely?