Memrise Bus 2 Brasil?

Hi! I am very interested in the work done by the Membus members. Are there any protocols for submitting video to Memrise? Are members allowed, encouraged to submit these? I’m planning a trip to various cities in Brazil in 2017. I would love to continue the good work done in Europe!

Hi David,

As far as I know, Memrise doesn’t currently have a way to submit video to them. I think pretty much all of the videos that are currently on the site were recorded on the Membus tour.


Thanks for the reply. Do you work for Memrise? I was hoping to contact them to ask about compatible formats, and what might be of most use for all.

Hello @david.burke.1673b!

We really appreciate your offer to help, but, for the moment, videos are intended to be only produced and uploaded by our staff.

We hope to start working on videos for Portuguese, Spanish and English American variations soon.




I was so glad to get your answer! Although I do understand why it might be easier to control the quality and content by working in-house, I wonder if you would mind sharing a bit about that process? I teach French and Spanish at a local high school, and am anxious to make my travel opportunity double as material for my classes. When your Membus went from country to country, did they follow a script to get specific dialogue from people?
Mil graças,

I don’t work for Memrise, but from what I’ve seen of the videos, it looks like they were probably asking people to say very specific phrases.

Hello @david.burke.1673b!

Yeah, it was pretty much like @neoncube said. But we already had the written courses, so we asked some locals/native speakers to say some of those phrases from our courses.

In the beginning, we recorded the videos in the order they appeared in the courses. Later on in the tour (from Germany onwards) we started doing them according to contextual relevance (i.e. we went to find a waiter/waitress to say “are you ready to order?”)

We received more positive feedback about those videos recorded later on in the tour compared to those from the first few countries.

I hope this may help with your videos and project! =)

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That does sound like a more entertaining way to do it :slight_smile:

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Hello Ignacio,

which option did you choose for European Portuguese? Was the country later in the tour?

Currently I am concentrating on Brasil Portuguese.

Hi @Thomas.Heiss.

Portugal was one of the first stops, so I think those videos weren’ recorded under context as it happened from German on.

You can get more details about the whole Membus Euro tour in our blog:

Enjoy! =)