Memrise alternatives for course creators - post the alternatives you're using

Hey everyone! As you have probably noticed, memrise has been ignoring the feedback of many of us diehard members for years, and instead of incentivizing creators it has shoved us into a corner, by disabling all memes, and making it more difficult to access community created content.

For this reason, I’ve opened up this thread for other course creators who are tired of investing precious time into a platform which hasn’t shown it really values what its creator community brings to the table.

Please post all the alternatives to memrise you are using, and tell us what you like about them. Especially those which value community created content. This isn’t a thread for bashing memrise, its just an honest way for creators to support each other and ensure the spirit of what made memrise great lives on even if that continues to die here. Thanks!!!

-J Harvey
a paying customer (for now)
and platform developer (founder of

PS. memrise, if you’re listening. Yeah we get it, it’s expensive to host such an insane number of courses, and frankly its insane that you even tried to do that without deleting any of the unused courses. So why not just auto delete the unused and unpopular courses after a set timeframe and instead reward the talented course creators who add value to your platform to incentivize even higher value content which you don’t need to pay anyone to make?