#Memrexit to protest terrible Decks by Memrise

Memrise is clearly committed to migrating our community created decks that we have created to study offline on the app to a “mobile-friendly site” meaning that you will no longer have offline access to the decks many of us created on our own free time to study whenever we pleased while expecting us to pay to use their app for their own courses. I love Memrise as it is my primary method for vocabulary study; however, if they are going to move forward with this horrendous idea of removing our decks from the app to promote their own courses, we cannot standby and continue to hand them our money because what we paid for is to have access via the app to study.

Therefore, courtesy to @petr.r.skupad8 we should protest using #Memrexit on Twitter, the community boards, and other social media until this terrible idea is abandoned. What we want is to either continue support the app with community decks or create an app specifically with our created decks that will allow offline access to study.