Mem Creation/Editing Bug

Please use the following template to provide all the requested details and help us investigate faster.

  • Description of the issue: When creating or editing a mem, the feature that lets you highlight text as either italics or bold text does not work. The “_ _” or “**” characters show instead of the adapted text.

  • Your device and browser details: Laptop running Windows 10 and Firefox (88.0.1)

  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue: Created mem today.

  • Do you have any screenshots of the problem? Please upload them here.

Hi @alanh, thanks for reporting this. I’ve now created a bug report for this (internal code QA-974) for our web team to investigate. Please let us know if you come across any other features like this that aren’t working correctly.


Hi @MemriseSupport , thanks but I think you can close this report after all. I’ve just looked again and the feature works ok on ‘text only’ mems but not on mems that inclde an image. Thinking about it some more, It’s probably always been that way. Sorry! :roll_eyes:

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How does one add an image to a mem I’m creating.

I’ve read this before but can’t find the thread.