Meet the Natives (Learn with Locals) - how to use Video Mode in Spanish (Mexico)

I am a new pro member and I don’t know how to use meet the natives.


I know for sure Meet the Natives works with these memrise official courses: English, Spanish, French. Maybe even more. Learn some words until your 4 grayed out dots get colour. Then just tap on meet the Natives

I have noticed that Meet the Natives doesn’t work if…

  1. you haven’t got any videos for that particular level/last level learned
  2. no items to review
  3. there is no videos in last level learned

At the beginning of the Natives this wasn’t so. You could watch the videos all over the course.

Ps! I don’t think there ise a possibility to do the “only videos mode” (Meet the Natives) in web version.


I’m afraid we don’t have video’s for our Mexican Spanish courses yet.
Whilst we prepare to record video’s in Latin America, you may enjoy the video’s in our Castilian Spanish courses.

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I paid for Memrise pro on 2/24/2016 but I don’t have all of the features (i.e., meet the natives) on my Android App for my phone.

When the “Meet the Natives” feature appears in the app and I tap it I always get this message: “Looks like you need to learn a few more words before practicing with Meet the Native Game Mode”

I have completed Memrise courses Spanish 1-4 and mostly through 5 and I have gotten this message throughout all of these courses. I thought it was a feature that was in progress and not quite ready but it seems that it works for some people.

As far as I know everything works as it should when I log in on my PC.

On the PC it would be nice to be able to go and listen to the videos of the “natives” whenever you want. The only time they ever come up for me is in the Learning mode. Theses videos don’t ever come up in reviewing mode.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Situation on my Android phone app is resolved. Matt from the Memrise support team suggested I uninstal and reinstal the app. I did this and it solved my problem.

I still think it would be nice to have a “Meet the Natives” feature on the website. Thanks.

Gracias. Me encanta Memrise.


Does anyone know where I can find “meet the natives” on the website?

@Pablo_Cobos You won’t find it on the web site. It’s an app-only feature for “Pro” members who use either the Android or IOS app.


Edit: I stand corrected. They are available on certain Memrise-created courses, as explained by @alanh and @hydroptere, as long as you have “audio tests” enabled in your learning preferences.

But you do get the same video items on the website version of the Memrise-created gcourses such as Spanish (Spain) 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

you should also know that it is not available for Mexico but only for Spain, ugh

Are you sure about that? I just did a quick check of the Memrise official Spanish (Spain) courses, and I didn’t find any multimedia levels at all. Could you point me to one?

they are not separate multimedia levels; I saw them in the British English for Chinese speakers courses: there are very short videos of “natives” pronouncing words/ bits of sth (if this is meant by meet the natives) Simply try some level - not all items have video bits, and not all levels contain items with “meet the natives” mode

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Yes, it’s as @Hydroptere says. The video clips are not multimedia levels. You are presented with them for phrases (but not for one- or two-word items) in the learning mode. You will not see them in Preview mode, though.

You see the video and hear the speaker and have to choose from four options. You are then taken to the conventional learning screen for the same phrase, where you can choose or create a mem, if you want to. Then you progress to the next item.

I don’t use the app version much but what I get on the website (I’m currently learning Spanish (Spain)3) looks the same as the description of “Meet the Natives” from the Knowledge Base. I guess it’s the same for Memrise’s French, German, English and Italian courses, and I believe that more languages are due to be added.

@alanh Interesting; I didn’t know that.

I tried to learn a few phrase levels, just to see, and still didn’t see them. Maybe it’s because I have “audio tests” disabled in my learning preferences.

Edit: Yes, that’s why I didn’t see them. After I turned on audio tests, I saw them.

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Yes, that could be blocking you. Try level 22 or 36 of Spanish 3. There are definately videos in those.

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probably it depends on the language one learns. In the English for Chinese courses I got only individual words in the meet the natives mode, no phrases. I’ll see what is coming in the higher up courses…

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Thanks! I have de Pro version but it would be great to have the meet the native feature on the webside.

I currently use “pro” version and cannot find how I can access the section of native speakers. Find a particular course is terribly difficult because I cannot see any filter options.

Help, please I have Memrise Pro on my iPhone but it is not operating on my iPad version 9.3.5(13G36).
Can you help?


Hi @lula1028,

I don’t work for Memrise, but I can tag @MemriseSupport so they can be notified that you are having a problem, and they ought to resolve your issue promptly, which you certainly deserve as a paying customer. Good luck!

Still no “meet the locals” for Spanish Mexico / Latin America