Meet the Natives - how to use

(Mattreinbold) #21

When will this be? It’s been a year and a half since you posted and there still isn’t a Learn with Locals option for Latin America. Do you have a timeline yet on when we can expect this?

(Zazou Les) #22

Just wanted to confirm that this feature is still not available on Spanish (Mexico). I am paying for the Pro feature and part of the reason for that is I wanted access to “Meet the Natives”. At this point I’m not sure if the problem is user error (somehow I need to do something to access it) or simply lack of availability.

(Rajan8910) #23

I just finished Spanish (Mexico) 1 - there “Learn with Locals” is available. I have just started Spanish (Mexico) 2 - there “Learn with Locals” is NOT available. Do you know when it will be available; or somehow am I not getting access (I am a paying member)? Thanks in advance for the reply.

(Mmthundercloud) #24

This is still a problem and a issue not be fixed or resolved. Please let your paying costumers know that you at least aware of the problem.