Media arabic with audio - reviewing direction

Hello, I am following the course Media Arabic w/Audio by Ustatha_Zahra, which I find great. However, I would like to have the option of changing the direction of the reviewing session from English-Arabic into Arabic-English, or to have a mix of the two.

Is there any way of doing so, or of getting in touch with the author Ustatha_Zahra?

This is the link:

Thank you

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There isn’t a way to do that up without changing the entire course unfortunately. As a course creator you are given the option to test in one direction only. Just went and checked to see if they had changed things but they haven’t.

The only option is to duplicate each level. I am implementing that now. Hopefully it works for you.

Dear @Ustatha_Zahra, many thanks for your availability!
I have just tried and it is still from English into Arabic: do I have to update something or is the change still under implementation?
Did you also upload your course on Quizlet by any chance?

Thanks again

I doubled each level and have it test the opposite way. The ones listed “Arabic to English” will prompt you with Arabic and test you in English. If you don’t want to learn all of them you could auto-grow those levels. Here is what the course looks like currently:

Dear @Ustatha_Zahra, thanks a lot. I can see the new levels in the website but not on the app, do you know why? I have also the same problem with the Listening Skills review.
@MemriseSupport can you help?

Regarding the reviewing session, basically i have first to repeat each course in order to be tested from Arabic into English, is that correct? What does it mean that i can auto-grow the levels?

Thanks again


Can you please log out on the app and then log in again? This should sync the course with the servers.

Please also note that auto-learning is only available to course creators and contributors -

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Thank you @MemriseSupport , now it is syncronized.

If auto-learning is only available to course creators is there any other way for me to integrate the Arabic into English words in my review without need to re-learning all of them??

Hi @thomasius66,

Unfortunately you will need to re-learn these items if you want them to be included in your review list.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Thank you for your answer @MemriseSupport.
And do you confirm that there is no way for @Ustatha_Zahra to activate the twofold review English - Arabic and Arabic - English, or for the user to do so? It would be tremendously helpful in all courses.