Maravilha = wonderful?

In the official course 1 que maravilha is taught as “how wonderful”

I understood that the translation for maravilha is actually wonder and that how wonderful would be que maravilhoso??

@doismarks, hello!

As far as I remember from the coursebook of Portuguese:

  • to express emotion in the form of exclamatory sentence use question_word + word form

(pt) Que rapaz! (en) What a boy!
(pt) Que maravilha! (en) What a wonder!

So to me “how wonderful” is just a well sounding approximation for English, that, in fact, is a proper translation. But noun is transformed into adverb in your case.

(pt) Que maravilhoso! / Que maravilhosa! (en) What a beautiful smth or smbd masculine / feminine ! = adjective
(pt) É maravilhoso (en) It’s wonderful = adverb