Many translation/audio errors/ & inconsistencies in Italian Sentences no typing

I’m only 1/10th of the way through this course and I’ve found a disconcerting number of errors. These are only the ones I could catch, but they are real. Memrise: please address the quality in this course ASAP!
Audio wrong:
cosa stai (sta) mangiando adesso?what are you eating now?
cosa stai (sta) bevendo?what are you drink-ing?
sto andando a vederlo
I am going to see it, I am going (in order) to see it
sta andando a mangiare
io ce l’ho
la chiamerò I will call you6/66
non so ancora a che ora sarà pronto ma devo averlo oggi se è possibileI don’t know yet at what time it will be ready but I must have it today if it is possible
In beginning/intervmediate Italian vocabu-lary:
I’m tired (if you are male) is wrong if it’s sono stanco and right if it’s Sono stanco. Ridiculous, especially as this program isn’t consistent in its use of capitals itself.
La vs li. Both mean ‘there’ or ‘over there’ yet for ‘there li is marked as wrong. Please revise.

In Italian sentence, the answer to this prompt is incorrect, while the correct one is marked incorrect-very frustrating: non ho (il) tempo per farlo I don’t have the time in order to do it now Answer is missing ‘adesso’

Is there really anyt difference between trans-lating sai parlare italiano as can you speak Italian (marked as correct) and do you speak Italian (marked as incorrect)? Or for sono stanco, between “I’m tired…” and “I’m tired”

Audio for ‘stiamo mangiando’ is incorrect

Only the option in parentheses is correct: quanto tempo starai (sta) in Italia?how long are you staying in Italy?

This is incorrect/not consistent with other test questions (the now part is inconsistent withother questions using now/adesso)
io ce l’hoI have it incorrect audio

What are you preparing? Correct answer given is cosa prepare (prepara)? But this is inconsistent with other questions which re-quire use of a form of ‘stare’ when translat-ing a present participle (preparing).

Sono pronto subito—Correct answer given is I am ready right away. But you also of-fer’sono pronto (tra) breve which translates as I am ready soon. Why is this not correct? A little ridiculous!

It is very good of you to draw attention to these problems and to find the time to list them in such detail!

But a little more information would be useful, too.

Could you post an exact link to the course you are referring to?

It is highly likely that this course was NOT created by the memrise team based in London, but it is probably a “community-created” course that a person made using the memrise platform. The memrise team are only responsible for the content of those courses labelled “by memrise” (and a few others).

If you link the course and the name of the creator, someone at @memrisesupport can contact that person and see if they are willing to make you a course contributor. Then you could improve the course yourself and help other learners, too :slight_smile:

Or you can try seeing if the original course creator is here on the forum by writing their name with an @ sign in front of it.

Good luck!


that course is too poorly made to deserve any attention. You should, really, look for a different one…


Thank you for responding. Now that I know what to look for, it is community created:

I don’t really have the time to be a course contributor, but I don’t mind providing these errors/inconsistencies as I come across them.

If I find somebody with an @ sign, how do I contact them? I don’t use Twitter

Thanks again for your time!



So the name of the course creator is “CommunityUnited”. In order to find out if this person is a member of this forum, you just type that name with an “@” sign in front of it. I have just tried this and this person is here. So they are now also tagged here and will hopefully respond to this message.

Hi there, CommunityUnited, your course needs some work on it, apparently, according to EvanDudik. Could you make the necessary improvements to it?

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