Many public courses are NOT listed, decks as well as memrise, why?

i was searching for some advanced courses,

and noticed that the lists are much shorter, checked decks and memrise (I am still using only memrise, because decks is … not appealing, yet, or ever). After noticing the situation with Spanish advanced, I used decks to check European Portuguese and Mandarin

i cannot find my own public courses in the lists… i cannot find most of the courses i am taking in the lists. For ex the Spanish courses for German speakers, the list is 10% from what it used to be… I cannot find new courses, etc I wonder how many thousands of courses have been lost …

what is happening??? very ugly bug, extremely annoying


Yikes! Well spotted. The “Load more courses” button is missing from the foot of some of the lists.


In Decks
I just search for Italian course by
a) typing “Italian” in the search box and found very few then
b) by selecting Italian on the left and that showed a few
but the majority of the courses I support are on neither list!

I suppose my comment needs to go onto Decks bugs and not MemRise Bugs.

BUG - Can you investigate and help, please? @MemriseSupport @MemriseMatty @kevin5284

The same short lists are on the MemRise platform.
Have they (inadvertently) deselected any course less than 1000 users?


Checked my Spanish course. It’s also missing on both websites.


bump, up you go (you thread)

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Would it be possible that this applies to EN based courses only? I just performed a search for DE based courses for Italian and there’s tons of courses on both Memrise and Decks.

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i’ve looked now for mandarin again, the same for both EN and DE… and the same for FR
try Spanish for DE and you’ll see 10% from what i used to see

moreover, i cannot see my own courses for German speakers, those who are public, i mean…

and … tons of silence from the team, as usual


Morning! We are sorry you are finding this problem but we are looking into this. We would appreciate if you have some examples on specific searches and specific courses that were appearing and now are gone. That would help us understand the issue better.


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Hi @JBorrego,

Here are a couple of examples. The first is one I created (the “load more” button doesn’t appear at all in either Memrise or Decks). The second is one I’m learning (the load more" button appears a couple of times, then disappears before reaching this and other courses). In both cases, if you type the course title (or key words) in the search box after going to the relevant language page, the search function displays the course. But you can’t find them by scrolling through the course lists!



As if a limitation has been set up in the general courses list you can scroll through only the most popular courses, that’s why users here can’t see their own courses which do not have large number of learners. Depending on how much certain language pair is popular, then lower limit is changing.

For instance, in Spanish courses for English speakers you can not see courses below 2.45k users.

For Korean-English language pair this limit is about 1.05k users.

Hope you get the idea.


Thank you both for your input. We are exploring why this has occurred and how to fix it. We hope we can fix it soon. We will keep you updated.



Hi @JBorrego - many thanks.

See above for my Italian searches. Post No 3.

Hi, on Decks, I just did a search of Spanish (Spain) courses whilst leaving the search box blank - and only 135 courses were listed. The “Load more” button that pops up at the foot of the list only showed up twice during the process. It seems like there may be a limit of two “load more” hits during a search with a blank search box - I suppose this may be a deliberate new feature or could simply be a bug.

Re-doing the search in Spanish (Spain) as above but this time specifying “aqa” in the search box displays a total of 180 courses - after hitting the “load more” button three times. This particular search looks correct/normal to me.

Edit: Searching English courses with a blank search box displays just 15 courses, and the “load more” button does not appear. Clearly a bug, I think.


We have pushed a fix for this issue for both Memrise and Decks. Thank you for your help. Do let us know if you keep experiencing it or it is fully resolved.



Many thanks @JBorrego. Things are ok again on both sites.