Many mistakes in Polish!

Jutro - it’s not “morning”, it’s “tomorrow”
“Moja mama chce telefon” - in voice “Moja mama chce zegarek”
“In 1 decagramm - 1 gramm” ???
“Randka” - it’s not “meeting”, it’s a “date”

Many linguistic mistakes. You need a professional linguist to correct this course.

I’m very disappointed with the Pro version.

There are many courses, I suppose a number of them Polish. Post the link of the course. Also, have you tried to search for ‘[Course Forum]’ + course title? Because there are many courses that have a thread that is monitored by the creator.

For example


moja mama też chce zegarek - translate “zegarek” as a “phone”, but “zegarek” is a “watch”

These are just some errors.

A large number of stylistic errors indicate that the course of the Polish language is compiled inattentively and without the participation of professional linguists.