Many mistakes in !Beginner Dutch (NoTyping)

There are an awful lot of mistakes (many of them very funny) in this course. The creator of it, who most probably does not speak English as their first language has apparently simply used Google translate for quite a few of the entries.
Among the more truly wonderful examples of this is in the section on Body Parts where all of a sudden you encounter ‘ass - ezel’ i.e. donkey, where they surely were trying to find the Dutch word ‘achterwerk’ meaning ’ bottom,behind, behind, backside, rump’. (I’m still laughing at the thought of someone getting really worked up and threatening to kick someone in the donkey!)
Other examples are the translations for the varying degrees of how you like your steak cooked. How about ‘graag gedaan’ for ‘well done’ instead of ‘goed doorbakken’.

So, there are lots of words in this course, but it will do you no good at all to learn some of them…

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hi Monika Soffronow94,

Wow, you are learning a lot of Dutch courses.
Better to mention the link to the course in question.

Unfortunatley the course creator @therealxplkqlkcassia does not seem be active on the forum.

Hello duaal,

Yeah, I decided to tackle learning Dutch head-on because my son recently moved to Amsterdam and so I am planning to go there rather often, and I know from experience that it is more satisfying to do several different courses at the same level instead of only repeating one. Another reason is that I believe that I will be able to advance at a good pace 'cause I have got the Dutch language more or less surrounded. Speaking Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, and Greek is very helpful, to say the least, And it helps being a language nerd, too.
Thank you for posting the link. I am pretty good at languages but not so much with the computer stuff. Do you just copy the url?
The course is not useless but it is certainly in need of some TLC.

That kind of broad language knowledge will definitely help. Ik kom trouwens zelf uit Nederland.

Yes, that is the url to the course page. When placed on a separate line the forum shows a small preview of the page.
If you are feeling confident and want to put in the work you can make a request to become a contributor to the course.

What is “the relevant forum area” and where can I find it?
How does one search for a specific user/contributor there?

Sorry, but the community is new to me, this is actually the first time I’ve visited the community.memrise section.

I have already contributed to a Spanish course for Greek speakers in the past so yes, it might be a good idea, I’d just have to begin from the beginning again.

In this case the Dutch community course forum where we are right now.
I already checked that the course creator is not currently on the forums when I placed an @ in front of their username in my first post.

Hartelijk dank!

Graag gedaan.