(Kelvynfrost46) #1

Hi Team, I’m really frustrated that a lot of the Mandarin characters are not shown, only pinyin. Instead a literal translation is given which is somewhat useful but see the actual characters would be much more helpful! Also on exercises about characters there is only the English meaning given and no audio or pinyin so I have no way of knowing how the character should be pronounced!

(Yi Liu) #2

Hi @kelvynfrost46, thanks for your comment. I share your frustration and that’s actually something I’m trying to fix in the near future. The newly added courses (New Chinese 1&2) focus on getting learners to speak and that’s why characters are not explicitly taught there.

The audio issue in course 3 was partly due to the fact that the character levels in the old course (Old Chinese 1, 2, 3) were a mix of standalone characters (which can be pronounced) and radicals (which can’t be pronounced). We opted for no audios for a consistent user experience throughout the character level.

I do admit that out current structure doesn’t work the best for characters and we are working on to bring new character content to the course. Thanks for bearing with us! In the meantime, if you have any other feedback on the Chinese courses in general please feel free to share and tag me.

Thank you!

(Kelvynfrost46) #3

Hi Yi Liu, Thank you for replying . I’m glad that you are aware of this issue and I look forward to more help with the characters in the future.