Mandarin chinese courses 1 to 3

Hi, first of all just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the official memrise chinese course 1 and 2.
Mandarin Chinese Course 1

All the chinese local actors that show how the words are pronounced really bring this course alive. It is really nice to see everyone of the actors bringing their own unique style to the course. It was a real disappointment to see that the actors ( and actresses ) from course 1 and 2 are not in the 3rd course. Maybe memrise pro course 3 has these stars? Maybe it would persuade more fans of memrise to chose to subscribe if the stars from course 1 and 2 re-appeared in mandarin chinese course 3 ( and hopefully course 4 when it is made ). I really appreciate the humour and unique style that these people bring to the course. It definitely makes me want to keep learning and perfecting my pronunctiation.