Hi, please add the malayalam language. This is because this langauge which is mostly spoken in South India. I came from Kerala but the only way i kind of learned it by speaking the language with others. But the main drawback is that I couldn’t learn it because other languages and it was also a part of family tradition. But I couldn’t follow my tradition and I eventually didn’t learn it. Please read through this blog:- Malayalam Blog Please add Malayalam Language. I am waiting for your reply.

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you need to make the course yourself, unless someone else is willing to make it, the memrise team do not make all the courses, there are loads of courses made by users like yourself :slight_smile:


I believe Duolingo is also working on one - there was something in their forums about it. You could ask them if they are.

There are 11 Malayam courses. Go to courses and use the search feature (make sure your default language is set to English).

Here’s a deck I made to help learn the Malayalam script:

And this is a fantastic deck which accompanies Rodney Moag’s textbook (the course includes a link to a PDF copy of the book):

However, it is incomplete. I’d love to get in touch with the creator to help finish it, but Memrise no longer lets you do this :frowning: