Luxembourgish for English Speakers by Patrick_Osaseri

Dear all,
I would like to open a thread for Luxembourgish for English Speakers by Patrick_Osaseri.
First of all, very good course, I really like it, quite systematic and I am getting very nice feedback from my Luxembourgish customers.

However, there are a few issues, that are minor but annoying. In particular, words like my, your, her for which there are multiple entries (mäin vs meng, däin vs deng vs äert vs ären vs ärer, etc…). Especially when going from nominative to dative, it gets tough.

Does someone know how we can get something update in the wordlist such that we can stop guessing? like adding “my, mine (m, n, nom/akk)”… Patrick (@Patrick_Osaseri), can we reach you via this forum?

Kind regards,