In Norwegian FULL AUDIO 61-70, “Lovforslaget” meaning “the bill” is spelt with a capital “L.” Why?

Maybe because it looks more formal?

Seems like an error/oversight.

There is no reason to capitalise that word, except at the beginning of a sentence, same as with all other words.

We also do not capitalise words for formality, no. :slight_smile: The only exceptions to this are the formal pronouns De, Dere, Dem, Deres, but that’s really old fashioned. Most people just write de, dere, dem, deres in lower case today.

You only capitalise proper names in Norwegian, which includes the names of people, cities, countries, etc. (not languages), as well as the higher institutions like Stortinget (Parliament), Høyesterett (Supreme Court) etc. and Grunnloven (The Constitution), but not other laws/bills, unless their names include proper names.

Dear Sirs

Thank you.