Lots of courses -- lots of finger scrolling on screen

If there’s a feature I want, or wanted months ago, was better list presentation in the iOS app. Instead of showing all the active courses in a long row, could you sort them in the order of how many words to be renewed per course so that the ones with the most open words show up top and the courses with no need to review, 0 words, show at the bottom.

Just now it’s a lot of scrolling up and down to find courses I need to review…

I would add the wish to have a way of separating courses I’m actively working on and those I don’t, so they don’t clog up the course list

That’s indeed also another option, maybe have star notation for the courses one really wants to see and honor that in the UI.

Or even just a toggle: Show courses with reviews only / Show all courses.
Yes, a feature like this is really needed, please add it.