Lost streak form inaccessible

I lost my 980 day streak due to a glitch. I tried to use the linked form, but it won’t let me access.
How can I restore my streak? I actually did all the study, but somehow it was not stored.
Annoying after all this time. Is there a new form?
Restore streak for

I can get @MemriseMatty or @MemriseSupport, or @Joshua to help. To be honest. I’m not sure what to do… Hope this is resolved! ML.

This I what I get when I try to access the form


Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of some issues for certain users regarding Streaks (such as glitches and Streaks breaking) and we are looking to make improvements to the Streaks system in 2019. For this reason, we are not resetting or updating Streaks at this time.

Apologies for any inconvenience.



They won’t restore them anyway so cry, get over it and move onto the next.
The Android debacle of 2018 where myself and hundreds of other lost huge streaks was a disaster that no matter how many times I/we submitted the form, memrise did Nothing to restore the streaks.

Has there been any progress regarding the streak reset? One of my students lost his (huge) streak months ago and I’d really appreciate being able to reset it. He’s just a kid and worked so hard on never missing a day.
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I’m also curious if this any progress has been made. I read in another thread this has been a problem since October last year? One would think 10 months would be more than enough time to fix whatever the issue is. I noticed yesterday my 221 day streak was gone, despite having gone through several review sessions the previous day.

Maintaining a large streak is one of the things that motivates me to use Memrise daily. Losing it for absolutely no reason pretty much does the opposite.