Lost Streak due to time zone reset - what to do?

(Akanasana Vera) #1

I changed my Memrise timezone to 3 hours later, because I’m a night owl and often get work done between midnight and 3PM. The terrible part is that on the phone app, it has a reminder at the bottom of the app EVERY SINGLE TIME to change my time zone and I can’t turn off the reminder.

Well, turns out that my time zone ended up getting changed… it’s inevitable that since the button is always there, I’d hit it somehow (I don’t even look at it anymore so I’m not sure what day this even happened). I lost 2 streaks tonight (though I managed to keep two others). The streak repair form is no longer active. What can I do?

(Rainbow Meow Face) #2

Not an answer but I wanted to mention the time-zone thing is a problem for me too. We just returned from visiting family for the holidays who are multiple hours ahead of us, so while there memrise wanted me to change timezones (I use the app). I do my memrise sessions at night (after 10/11pm, I’m also a night owl) so when I went to do it tonight at 10pm now home in my normal timezone (after flying home), it had already counted me as having lost my streak.
Unfortunately I couldn’t avoid letting memrise change the timezone while we were away, because the alert for the timezone actually covered elements of the app that I needed access too, I also couldn’t pre-change my timezone to my normal zone before the flight started as the app dosn’t have that option, just its own auto-detection alert one. :confused: :frowning: So I’ve lost a pretty big streak. Another thing would be maybe just having the ability to opt out of the whole streak thing as if things beyond control are going to make me lose my streak even if I actually have studied within -my- day, I’d rather not track “streaks” at all.

The other learning apps I use actually check what time my phone is showing. But since memrise is both web and app based, it dosn’t… it would be better to just notify us -once- of the timezone inconsistency and then let us snooze it, rather than having it cover elements on the app.