Lost my entire progress on Minna no Nihongo I

(Daniel711) #1

I was using Memrise mainly on iOS to study the vocabulary for the book Minna no Nihongo I (a user-created course). Recently I tried to download the course for offline study before a plane trip and somehow my entire progress was reset. I seems to be reset on the web, too.

I deleted the app an restarted my phone, then reinstalled the app. When I start the app, it seems to know where I was in the course, as it offers me “classic review” to start instead of “learn new words”. However, when I try to enter the course, I encounter the “learnable source error 101” and the app goes back to “learn new words”, starting right back from the beginning of the book.

This is extremely frustrating. I don’t care about streaks, but I need my progress restored, otherwise I have to start all over again! Can you help me with this? Pro user here, if that helps.