Losing streaks because of lazy server sync

If you do not finish your course or exit it properly, it does not matter whether you meet the streak criteria in time. Memrise is going to sync it as soon as you actually close the session.

For example: I revise 50 words in a row and usually do this in the evening. Today I already had reached 70% of the daily goal (it’s 5) and started a revise session. I finished around 80% of it when I got a call at 23:50 and did not had a chance to properly close revise session. (At this point I already had collected enough point to meet 3 daily goal of 5) After I finished the call I went back into memrise and closed the session at 0:02. First memrise showed me that i met the daily goal and now had a streak of 89 days, but then it refreshed itself to show the distressed me a streak of 1.

As I collected my points before 12 o’clock I really should not lose the streak. This is bad due to multiple reason:

  • The streak is meant to create motivation
  • It’s really frustrating to lose something that will you take month the get back (and even then the streak would have been twice as high)
  • The goal was actually met

So I would propose that the app automaticly checks when the streak is met after scoring points and updates the server directly.

I would also really hope that it is possible t get my 88 days streak back. Its so frustrating :sob:

Hi @sirati97 ! Maybe someone from memrise team can help. If you need them (or anyone else) to look at your posts just tag them like I did to you. @Lien @MemriseMatty

You can restore your Streak by filling in the form found here:

Submissions may take up-to 7 days to full-fill. Please keep up with your daily Streak in the meantime to see the changes appear. To reset multiple Streaks, please submit a separate request for each Streak loss.

Please remember that Streak restoration is very much a manual process, and as a one (wo)man band, we may not always be able to restore these Streaks :wink:

The goal setter resets at midnight every day. It is important to set your timezone according to your location so that the Daily Reminder (adjustable in Settings for the app) happens at the right time, and for the app to record your points accordingly.


Happy Learning,

Memrise Team

Thank you, while this is a solution to the problem I have experienced, it does not fix the underlying bug which caused it.

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Replying to remind the team to consider the feedback in the original post. Synchronization should apply retroactively.

I am trying to open the link above (lost my streak probably due to a bug) but the application form is not available anymore. Could someone help?

Sorry if this is not the right thread.