Looking for friends who are learning/speak german

Hello, I’m learning german since 2-3 months. Since I’m self learning It’s kinda hard to find people who are also learning it. I would like to make some friends who are learning german and share same hoobies :slight_smile:

Hi @amontag, and welcome to the Forum.

What you could do is find people who are currently learning the same courses you are using then …

  1. “Follow” them and

  2. Send them a message in the Forum.

So from 1 you can see how you compare and from 2 you can send each other comments via the Forum.
(You could use Direct/ Private messages).

But not everyone who studies has found the Forum.

Hope that helps.


There should be lots of community courses with audio you could try after completing the 7 official MemRise ones.

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Okay, thanks. Will do

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