Locking Threads for Criticism

I had a whole complaint here, but I am just going to send it in via official channels in every way I can find.

Done screaming into the void around here. This forum helps no one.


That thread with discussion of closed threads and censorship was removed altogether from the forum.
I can’t find it anywhere.


Or hidden.
By James acting very childishly.


I remember you mentioned writing about stuff we are facing here on some subreddits once or twice before.
Do you know any particular ones where things like these can be freely discussed and also noticed by the language learning community?

There’s a subreddit, which is not very active and moderated by Memrise

I think you can find bigger language subreddits, though not sure if it makes sense to complain there about what’s happening here. It concerns only a small number of local folks.

It’s getting better all the time - my account has been downgraded from trust-level 4 (“Leader”) to 2 (“Member”). No personal message or anything like that.
Has this happened to other “leaders” as well?
Personally, I don’t really see any reason for this apart from having been repeatedly critical. Nothing like getting personal or offending, or using my formerly elevated privileges to re-open threads that were closed by James or anything like that.

And yes, it seems that those “extremely confusing threads” have been removed altogether. They may have been unlisted, archived or completely deleted. Due to my reduced permissions I can no longer see them, so I can’t tell exactly.


They removed only the last thread where someone firstly asked about development of the app and in which locking was questioned. Other threads mentioning mems were just locked.

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This does sound very much like the @TinyCaterpillar story from before:


To think that some people still consider deleting stuff from the internet to be a good idea. Although was hardly a surprise, given how nice his last response was:

Aren’t asking a question and deleting the whole thread right after mutually exclusive? Anyway, the previous comments from the discussion, as already noted by @Hombre_sin_nombre, can still be read in the Bing’s cache:

Now, let’s see how much this information reduces the “value” of the current discussion :slight_smile:


Well, it is actuylly quite evident that someone went ahead and removed people from the group. I am uncertain as to how many folks were in the group, but there were at least 5 people, probably more.
Now, there is only two “community leaders” left.


There used to be a whole lot of former employees in other (staff-related) groups that had been long gone without anyone caring. While it’s aboslutely possible that someone finally took the time to do a little cleanup (not sure, but those groups seem to have less members, I might be totally wrong though), there still are many former employees, so it does seem dubious that a general cleanup was the intention.

As to what the trust-level “community leader” (which is a discourse thing) really is for: you can edit other people’s threads and subjects/titles and you can close, reopen, merge, move, archive and unlist threads. I don’t think I ever reopened threads, but I edited some (upon request), merged threads or moved them to the appropriate forum. I closed/unlisted/archived threads created by spammers, stuff like that - really things that should be performed by Memrise themselves, but, again, they don’t care much themselves.
I honestly ask myself what a staff as large as (allegedly) 55 people ( → source) is doing when there is only one product to take care of. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :person_shrugging:t3: